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Angels, A 90 Day Devotional About God's MessengersNOW AVAILABLE! Guardian angels. Divine messengers. Fiery spirits. Winged cherubim. The realm where these beings live is invisible to us. Most of the time, so are the angels themselves. So how do we know they’re real? How can we be sure they’re there? And what do we really know about them?

Angels: A 90-Day Devotional About God’s Messengers explores over one hundred Bible passages in which angels make an appearance. In addition, there are Q&As, myths busters, hymns, Bible story retellings, pop culture references, and trivia that help you sort fact from fiction. So spend the next ninety days really exploring the world of angels, and discover more about what is taking place all around you. Purchase on Amazon >>

Tried and TrueTried and True. This Threshold prequel delves into the backstory of Taweel, Omri, Adin, and Tamaes. Add their story to your virtual library, and you’ll receive the EXCLUSIVE epilogue, “Flight and Hedge.”


Taweel scrutinized the sun-bright angel hanging limp in his grasp. Pointed ears poked through long yellow hair. Small hands pushed against his knuckles, then balled into fists. The yahavim gazed up at him with a pout. It was such a childish expression. Innocent. Injured. And perhaps justified.

_Pursuing PrissiePursuing Prissie. Ten years after the events of The Blue Door, Prissie Pomeroy experiences an angelic reprise. Familiar faces, new friends, family traditions, high hopes, lurking danger, angelic archers, gentle romance, and apple pie.

Summary: When Prissie meets another little boy she shouldn’t be able to see, his meddling mixes up her life just in time for Ransom Pavlos to return to West Edinton. The newly credentialed pastry chef hopes to make a place for himself in town, preferably at Prissie’s side. But she’s too distracted by a very different pursuit to notice. An old enemy finds his way back to the Pomeroys’ farm, and the Guardian who knows him best must step forward to keep Prissie safe.

2015 Posting Schedule. I’m juggling multiple serial storylines this year, and I invite you to join me as these three very different tales unfold.

2015 Serials

Sage and Song updates on Thursdays. Angel Unaware appears in my column at Christian Fiction Online Magazine and updates monthly. Deuce is a Galleries of Stone prequel that posts to my other blog, where I write family-friendly fantasy under my maiden name. Enjoy!

_Angel on HighANGEL ON HIGH is complete! This Threshold prequel goes back to Koji’s beginnings. Add his story to your virtual library, and you’ll receive the EXCLUSIVE epilogue, “The Girl in the Orchard.”

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In the far reaches of the universe, in the nurseries of galaxies, angels tread the vastness of space, leaving clouds of color and ribbons of light in their wake. These shepherds of stars tend tilting planets and sing with the suns … and listen for sneezes. Because that’s how newfoundlings give themselves away.

Series Complete! The Threshold Series by Christa Kinde [Zondervan] is a supernatural adventure involving angels, appropriate for tween/teen readers aged 11 and up. Complete in four volumes. More details…

4 Books

Short Stories

_Short Stories 1, 2, 3

Angels All Around ♦ In this FREE companion story, a divine Messenger becomes one little girl’s prince, and a fledgling Guardian becomes their knight.

Angels in Harmony ♦ Angels have always served in pairs, but Baird is sure there must be some mistake when Kester shows up on his doorstep.

Angels on Guard ♦ Tamaes only understood part of what it meant to watch over one precious life. The rest he learned on the day he almost lost her.
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Serial Stories

SERIAL ADVENTURES! These companion stories to the Threshold Series have chapters short enough to read on the fly—just 100 words!

Threshold Serials

Rough and Tumble ♦ a series prequel from an angelic point of view. Zeke Pomeroy’s parents always joked that it would take a miracle for their rough and tumble son to reach adulthood. Unbeknownst to them, that miracle’s name is Ethan. Follow one little boy’s adventures as he turns his guardian angel’s life upside down.  NOW COMPLETE!
>> Their story begins… HERE!
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Tried and True ♦ a series prequel that delves into the past of two guardian angels. When Taweel’s charge dies, his heart shatters. The grieving Guardian’s life undergoes a slow and steady transformation after he meets a yahavim named Omri, a pair of heavenly Weavers, a Worshiper whose songs are laced with sorrow, and two little boys with auburn hair and wide brown eyes.
>> Their story begins… HERE!

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