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Main series. Short stories. Serials. Prequels. Sequels. Series Outtakes. Spin-offs. As more companion stories are added in the Threshold Series universe, overlaps and crossovers continue to emerge. This page is intended to help you keep important tidbits straight. Take Care! If you haven’t finished reading the main series (Threshold Series, Books 1-4), you may run into spoilers below.

Recommended Order for Reading:
The Blue Door (Book 1)
The Hidden Deep (Book 2)
The Broken Window (Book 3)
Angels in Harmony
The Garden Gate (Book 4)
Rough and Tumble
Angels All Around
Angels on Guard
Tried and True
Angel on High
Pursuing Prissie (Pomeroy Family Legacy)

4 Books 2

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_Pursuing Prissie


[a timeline for those who like to know what happened when]

During the Egyptian plagues of Exodus…

Tried and True ♦ Taweel is Sent to watch over a young girl, but when her life ends, his heart shatters. Bitterness, anger, and despair leave him vulnerable. But though Taweel’s need is great, the One who provides is far greater. The grieving Guardian’s life undergoes a slow and steady transformation after he meets a yahavim named Omri, a pair of heavenly Weavers, a Worshiper whose songs are laced with sorrow, and two little boys with auburn hair and wide brown eyes. Story Index >>

In the courts of King Solomon…

Sage and Song ♦ During Israel’s golden age, two angels quietly take up residence in the royal household. Asaph and his apprentice have been Sent to record the songs that are David’s legacy. But when Kester finds a harp in the treasury, a song brings him to the king’s attention. The boy soon begins a new collection: sage words from the man whose name means peace. The proverbs of Solomon.
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During the life of Jesus Christ on earth…

Herald Angels ♦ Before Harken could become the wise soul you know from the Threshold Series, he needed a mentor and a Teacher. Little moments in the life of a little boy who had his own reasons for thinking of Gabriel as special.

When Jayce Pomeroy first met Naomi Olsen…

Sweets for the Sweet ♦ A new Pomeroy Family Legacy title, COMING IN 2016

Eleven years before the events of The Blue Door…

Angels on GuardGuardian angels must guard their hearts, or they’ll be tempted to Fall. Even after three years, Prissie Pomeroy’s guardian angel only understood part of what it meant to watch over one precious life. The rest he learned on the day he almost lost her. In this companion story to the Threshold Series, scars are bared, fears begin and end, and angels fall. FREE FROM ZONDERKIDZ: More details here.

A scant decade before the events of The Blue Door…

Angel on High ♦ As the newest member of his order, Koji is eager to learn what it means to be an Observer. But looking and listening lead to trouble when he spots danger and overhears secrets. Heaven’s archivists weren’t made for battle, but Koji will need a warrior’s courage to be ready for the unusual plans God has for him. Add his story to your virtual library, and you’ll receive the EXCLUSIVE epilogue, “The Girl in the Orchard.” Story Index >>

Beginning nine years before the events of The Blue Door…

Rough and Tumble  ♦ A companion story to the Threshold Series. In The Blue Door, Prissie Pomeroy gets the barest glimpse of an invisible realm where the Faithful are at war with the Fallen. With Rough and Tumble, the point of view tilts into the heavenlies, and the story is told from a very different perspective! God’s angels serve Him in various capacities—Messengers, Protectors, Observers, and of course, Guardians. Meet young Ethan, the newest angel the Hedge surrounding the Pomeroy family farm, as he is Sent to watch over Prissie’s little brother Zeke. Story Index >>

Seven years before the events of The Blue Door…

Angels All Around When she was seven years old, Prissie Pomeroy fell in love with the mailman. Angels and demons collide over West Edinton, a small town where not everyone is what they seem. In this companion story to the Threshold Series, a divine Messenger becomes one little girl’s prince, and a fledgling Guardian becomes their knight. Illustrated by Anna Earley.
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Two years before the events of The Blue Door…

Angel Unaware ♦ Marcus had never been a typical cherub. Raised on earth instead of in enclaves, he blended right in with humanity. The perfect Graft. But what Marcus wanted more than anything else was to become a warrior. So he asked God for a mentor. Marcus gets his armor fittings and swordsmanship lessons. But he also ends up with a couple of well-meaning foster parents, three nosy siblings, a lonesome landlord, and a new best friend.
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Adventure begins at the door…

Threshold Series, Book One: The Blue Door ♦ On an ordinary afternoon in late July, Prissie Pomeroy stumbles into an adventure on her way to the mailbox. Koji—a strange boy in shining clothes—claims to be an angel, and she’s stunned to learn that there are others living and working in her hometown. None of them can explain why she’s suddenly able to see the unseen, but with God, nothing is impossible.  Koji and his teammates answer her questions, change her perceptions, and strengthen a faith she’ll soon need, for danger lurks in the darkness.

Threshold Series, Book Two: The Hidden Deep ♦ Harvesttime is in full swing when Prissie Pomeroy learns that something terrible happened in her family’s orchard. With school back in session, the rift between Prissie and her friends widens while Ransom gets on her nerves. As Koji and Milo introduce Prissie to the rest of Jedrick’s Flight, she’s drawn increasingly deeper into their world and closer to its dangers. A kidnapped apprentice suffers. A chained door bodes ill. A tiny angel makes a big difference. Everything Prissie thought she knew is about to change… again!

Threshold Series, Book Three: The Broken Window ♦ Christmas is right around the corner, and Prissie’s gift list has expanded to include an entire Flight of angels. As she searches for the perfect presents for her friends, she learns that good ones can come in unexpected wrappings, great ones come at a high price, and the greatest gift of all is still free.

Events overlapping what goes on in Book Three: The Broken Window…

Angels in Harmony ♦ Angels have always served in pairs, but Baird is sure there must be some mistake when Kester shows up on his doorstep. The vividly energetic redhead couldn’t have been more different from his genteel new apprentice. Yet their rocky beginnings give way to a unique balance, proving that friendship can flourish in the unlikeliest of places, given time, trust, and the Twelve Days of Christmas. FREE FROM ZONDERKIDZ: More details here.

Threshold Series, Book Four: The Garden Gate ♦ The Pomeroys pull together in the aftermath of the storm that shook her hometown—and Prissie’s faith—to its very foundations. Letting go proves difficult, and holding on takes all of her courage. As spring comes to the orchard, a cryptic remark from Abner hints at West Edinton’s long-kept secret. While ranks of the Faithful rally to defend what’s most precious, Prissie discovers that angels aren’t the only ones who are Sent.

Ten Years after the events of The Blue Door…

Pursuing Prissie ♦ Ten years later, Prissie Pomeroy experiences an angelic reprise when she meets another little boy she shouldn’t be able to see. Asher seems to be using his Caretaker’s powers very carelessly, but he claims to be Sent. His meddling mixes up Prissie’s life just in time for Ransom Pavlos to return to West Edinton. The newly credentialed pastry chef hopes to make a place for himself in town, preferably at Prissie’s side. But she’s too distracted by a very different pursuit to notice. An old enemy finds his way back to the Pomeroys’ farm, and the Guardian who knows him best must step forward to keep Prissie safe. [A Pomeroy Family Legacy Novel]

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