Tried and True

When his young charge dies, Taweel’s faith dims.

Tried and TrueA prequel to the Threshold Series…
In The Blue Door, Prissie Pomeroy is privileged to meet many angels, including two Guardians who have her name under their hands. But she only has the barest inkling of the scope of their world, which spans the entire created universe as well as the heights of heaven.

In Tried and True, we go back into the past, to a time when Taweel was an apprentice himself, Sent to watch over a young girl. When her life ends, his heart shatters. Bitterness, anger, and despair leave him vulnerable. But though Taweel’s need is great, the One who provides is far greater. The grieving Guardian’s life undergoes a slow and steady transformation after he meets a yahavim named Omri, a pair of heavenly Weavers, a Worshiper whose songs are laced with sorrow, and two little boys with auburn hair and wide brown eyes.

Sometimes it’s the little things that
remind us of what’s most important.

Tried and True updates every weekday (Monday – Friday), and chapters are short enough to read on the fly—just 100 words! To follow along, subscribe to this blog or watch for links in upcoming tweets!

Genres: Supernatural, Friendship, Drama
Rating: G, appropriate for all ages

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