IN PRINT: Rough and Tumble

Rough and Tumble header

Threshold Series Companions. The first in a collection of Threshold-based prequels is now available in print! Rough and Tumble tells the story of Prissie Pomeroy’s younger brother Zeke, who’s penchant for mischief keeps his guardian angel on his toes. Told from the point of view of Ethan, the newest angel in the Pomeroy familys’ Hedge, the tale unfolds in 100-word bursts.  Continue reading

MONDAY: Where do you send Christmas greetings?

Definitely Thankful. I’m not sure I could have packed more into my November if I tried. And in a good way. Lots accomplished. Any NaNoWriMo-ers out there? And who’s ready for December? I’ve been gently nudging my husband to get the ornaments out of storage. Gotta love this time of year! Authorial chit-chat and general newsy-ness abounds. Come and see!
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MONDAY: Have you ever had a madeleine?

Looks like I’m finally shaking this cold! Very grateful to have a clear head again and the ability to concentrate. Over the weekend, I was finally able to get back to writing, so updates to serials should be back to normal this week. Thank you again for your patience with me while I was under the weather. ♥ My small pile of clutter isn’t very tall, but it has its merits. Come and see! Continue reading

This Week’s Accumulation cvi

October is turning out to be a very exciting month. (A little on the crazy side, but completely worthwhile.) Those of you who’ve read Galleries of Stone will understand what I mean when I say I’ll be gilding my nails today. But there are lots more reasons to celebrate. I have three books releasing on Monday, and I’m excited for next weekend’s big SDCWG Fall Conference.  Ready for this week’s heap of authorial clutter? Come and see! Continue reading

This Week’s Accumulation civ

Whew! This week was so crowded with new things, I fell behind. As some of you may recall from past posts, I’m a Mrs. Pastor. This week, our church was able to move their staff into new office space, so the last few days have been mostly occupied with hauling books and office furniture around. But Tried and True is now caught up (yay!), and I have an interesting accumulation of authorial clutter on my desktop. Let’s go through it together! Continue reading