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Ofir leaned in, and a slow smile spread across his face. “Eyes forward, Observer. My buddies are backing up a friend of yours!”

Ravel? Koji pushed wet bangs out of his eyes and searched the gray haze, but there was no sign of a scruffy beggar. Big and broad, with red wings flung wide, a singular warrior towered over the rest. Bronze hair clung to his face as he slashed a broad arc with a double-bladed ax.

—excerpted from Angel on High, Part Seven: “High and Mighty”

Reinforcements. As part of our festivities, I’m sharing another chibi angel. Continue reading


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Community. Despite my best efforts at restraint, the cast of the Threshold Series has grown … and continues to grow. Every time I publish a new serial or novella, the community widens. Koji’s first friend. Jasper’s older brother. Marcus’s foster siblings. Ransom’s guardian angel. Tad’s children. Continue reading

ANGEL ON HIGH: More Places

Good News! Angel on High is now available in more places. I’ve added Koji’s backstory to both Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Don’t forget that when you buy the e-book, you’ll be able to read the exclusive epilogue, “The Girl in the Orchard.”

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In the far reaches of the universe, in the
nurseries of galaxies, angels tread the
vastness of space, leaving clouds of color
and ribbons of light in their wake. These
shepherds of stars tend tilting planets and sing
with the suns … and listen for sneezes. Because
that’s how newfoundlings give themselves away.

Angel on High
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CONGRATULATIONS: Reaching for Stars

Angel on High Header

Reaching for Stars

Thank you to everyone who took part in the celebrations surrounding the release of Angel on High as an e-book. Your enthusiasm is an encouragement, and I’m grateful for every bit of your support. The time’s finally come! I’ve drawn names, so let’s announce the winners of the giveaway! Continue reading

This Week’s Accumulation cx

Christmas doings have been adding a dash of festivity to my days. Last week alone, I was able to attend a Christmas Tea, restock my winter candle collection (“Warm Winter Wishes” is lovely), stash a bottle of seasonal body wash in the kids’ bathroom (“Wintermint Snowfall”), and troop over to the post office with a bulging sack of holiday greetings. Add to that new story art, book cover sketches, and getting to begin three new stories in January … and I’m definitely making merry! Come see my cluttery goodness. Continue reading

GIVEAWAY: Reaching for Stars

_Angel on HighTo celebrate the digital release of Angel on High—which includes the EXCLUSIVE epilogue “The Girl in the Orchard”—I’m hosting a giveaway! You have until Monday, December 15 to take part, and as usual, I’ll give you several ways to drop your name in the proverbial hat. When you accomplish one of the items listed below, it’ll mean another chance at fabulous prizes. Do as many as you can to increase your odds on drawing day! Some of these help me promote my books.  Others are just for fun. All of them will find me grateful. : )

★ Pin a star-themed gift for Koji to the Threshold Series – Secret Santa board on Pinterest. (If you need to be added to the group board, let me know!) Continue reading