MONDAY: Do you have a favorite ornament?

This is such a fun (and oft frenetic) time of year. Our family calendar has exploded with extras—rehearsals, shopping trips, baking days, parties, and concerts galore. We’ve twinkling lights inside and out, and it’s been fun to pull out the Christmas music and tree ornaments. Authorial news with a side of seasonal chit-chat abound. Come and see!
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MONDAY: What does your calendar look like?

My calendar is a funsy mess of neat notes, scribbled afterthoughts, and COLOR. Standing appointments and due dates are snuggled up between writing goals and grocery lists. I doodle. I add stickers and sticky notes. I keep word tallies and jot down the names of books or songs. Plotting and planning overlap, and somehow everything gets done (although some stuff trails in a smidge behind schedule). This week, my calendar was super full … and with fun stuff. I have pictures to share, so come and see! Continue reading

MONDAY: What books are in your To Read pile?

We’re a mite overdue for a Monday post, so let’s have one! I’ve never been a fan of excuses, but I have a sorta-explanation of why a couple weeks slipped by without much chit-chat … and I don’t think you’ll mind too much. At the moment, I’m doing my level best to get Pursuing Prissie ready for release. Fun Fact: WordPress lets me know what search terms people use before ending up on my blog. Wanna know what the #1 thing folks are googling lately? “Pursuing Prissie release date,” closely followed by “Pomeroy Family Legacy.” More on that if you keep reading!  Continue reading

In which I’ll be at Barnes & Noble…

Authorial Endeavor #041. Tonight, I’ll be attending my first group book signing. Nine local Christian authors will be part of a Christian Writers’ Festival tonight at the Mira Mesa Barnes & Noble – 10775 Westview Parkway, San Diego, CA 92126 – starting at 7:00 p.m. I toodled over to the store yesterday in order to take pictures of the posters in their front windows. Continue reading

This Week’s Accumulation cvii

Our household is chock full of fall birthdays, and this past weekend we celebrated the last of them. Gifts and games and gilded nails—my only excuses for this delayed accumulation post. Before I launch into a new week, I’ll catch you up on the latest clutter. Because it’s piling up all over my desktop. Again. : )  You’ll want to take a look. There’s an Angel Unaware cover reveal this week. Come and see! ; ) Continue reading

The Week’s Accumulation xcvi

This has been a very productive writing week, and I’m pleased with progress on several fronts. My desk is full of sketches and editing drafts, and my inbox has seen a small rush of comments. Plans are underway for some fun events. And … am I the only person who gets joy from changing out the stuff that’s pinned to a bulletin board? Assorted updates and some new art await the curious. Come and see! Continue reading

The Week’s Accumulation xcii

I missed last week’s post because I was traveling. If you’ve been following my Twitter account (@ChristaKinde), you know I’m ensconced in my childhood home in the small town where I grew up. Scandia is a pretty little town, and these ten acres are dear to my heart. I’ll kick off this week’s clutter with some pictures I took this morning on a ramble through the front yard. Wanna see? Continue reading

The Week’s Accumulation xci

Yesterday was a little crazy, so I’m sneaking in my weekly post this afternoon. I’m amazed how much can happen in seven little days. My desktop is packed with odds and ends, and I brought out my camera this week, so I have plenty to show and tell. Come and see! Continue reading

The Week’s Accumulation lxxvii

My desktop is comfortably cluttered after a week that allowed me some creative space. It’s tough to strike a balance between writing time, promotional efforts, and sock-sorting. But this week was a good’un. I finished a couple of things. (Nothing is more mood-elevating for a writer than getting something done.) Good news and good art arrived in my inbox. And y’all have been keeping things lively by chatting with me in comments. So let’s do some show-and-tell while I put my clutter on display for Valentine’s Day. ♥ Continue reading

The Week’s Accumulation lxxvi

I’m trying to remember what happened this week. Most of it was spent in a creative haze. If you’re a writer, maybe you can relate. Before I can write a story, I have to think about it. Thinking clearly is a big part of the storytelling process. Usually, I refer to this stage as “establishing the rules” of whatever universe I’m writing in at the moment. To the casual observer, this probably looks a lot like me sitting in a chair, staring out the window.  Catch some hints of what’s been on my mind lately in this week’s clutter heap! Continue reading