You know about Byways, right?

Me & Myself. From time to time, I mention my other books here.  Christa publishes family-friendly fantasy under her maiden name—C. J. Milbrandt. The Byways Books have been getting some welcome attention. The series won an award last year, placing in the “Best Book Series – Chapter Books” category of the 2016 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. And now we’re Continue reading

SALE: Byways Book #4

Byways Entries

Free Day! Just a quick note to let you know that one of my e-books is currently FREE! I publish family-friendly fantasy under my maiden name—C. J. Milbrandt. In the Byways books, I tell the story of three brothers who take sibling rivalry to new lengths by racing each other across their homeland. Geared for young readers, the stories are full of the sorts of things I enjoy: mythical creatures, quirky folks, kind deeds, loyal friends, and a touch of magic. If you homeschool (like we do), you’ll also appreciate the educational twist. Each book is tied to a state, and I make a game of weaving people, places, icons, and claims to fame from that state throughout the story. Continue reading


Just a quick note to call your attention to a book sale that’s underway. Today’s the last day you can nab Byways Book #3, Over the Bridge, A Zane Johns Adventure for FREE over on Amazon.


Ewan, Zane, and Ganix take sibling rivalry to new lengths
as they race each other across their homeland.

If you’re not familiar with the Byways books, I publish this family-friendly fantasy series under my maiden name. The books are geared for young readers, but the story’s meant to appeal to folks of all ages. I’d be pleased to know you’re reading along!  ; )


MONDAY: Who wants me to host a “squee” post?

No sooner do I get one project checked off my To Do list than a new one comes my way. It’ll take me another week to wrap up the latest project, which has been all kinds of fun. I’m writing lyrics-based Bible studies for Zonderkidz in association with a huge Christian music festival in Orlando—Rock the Universe. I’m also gearing up for an Anniversary Sale over on C. J. Milbrandt’s blog because July 4 is the book birthday for the first book in my Byways series. Come and see what else is up!
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MONDAY: What will you do for fun this summer?

I knew it had been a while, so I checked to see. My last MONDAY post was nearly two months ago. (Yipes!) Life went a little crazy, so the break was necessary. But things have settled down, and I miss our little chats. So here we are! Let’s catch up. : )
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INTERVIEW: The Scriblerians

CJ, thumbnailGotta share!  Vanessa Morton of the Scriblerians interviewed me about my Galleries of Stone trilogy. If you’ve ever wondered why I use a penname, that comes up. And as an added bonus, when you comment on the interview post, you’ll be entered in their drawing for a book giveaway. Go check it out!

Christa Kinde’s Alter Ego Tells All >>

CJ’S NEWS: A Byways Release Day

Byways, 5, 6, 7

Today’s a book birthday, and it’s triplets. ; )  Three new titles are now available in the fantasy series for kids that I publish under my maiden name. The Byways books by C. J. Milbrandt follow the adventures of Ewan, Zane, and Ganix, half-brothers who take sibling rivalry to new lengths. Cheer them on as they race across their homeland!


REMINDER: C. J. Milbrandt Giveaway

H54 Snick

Reminder! I have a giveaway underway to celebrate the book birthday of Harrow, the second book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy, which I published under my maiden name. (Yep, CJ is me, and I am she!) The prize drawing takes place tomorrow, Monday, April 20 at noon PDT, so you still have a little time in which to enter. Fabulous prizes (in the form of limited edition postcards) await!

All the details are in THIS POST >>

MONDAY: What books are in your To Read pile?

We’re a mite overdue for a Monday post, so let’s have one! I’ve never been a fan of excuses, but I have a sorta-explanation of why a couple weeks slipped by without much chit-chat … and I don’t think you’ll mind too much. At the moment, I’m doing my level best to get Pursuing Prissie ready for release. Fun Fact: WordPress lets me know what search terms people use before ending up on my blog. Wanna know what the #1 thing folks are googling lately? “Pursuing Prissie release date,” closely followed by “Pomeroy Family Legacy.” More on that if you keep reading!  Continue reading