Postcards. Long before my love of reading developed into a love for writing, I was a letter-writer. I’ve always been fond of mail, mailboxes, postcards, letters, and the like. Perhaps that’s why a postal theme often crops up in my stories.  Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I love sending and receiving “real mail.”

3-12-2013 11-44-11 AMMy trove of stationary takes up two boxes in the storeroom. My collection of stamps is a testament to two decades of hording. And whenever we travel, my first destination in any shop is the postcard spinner. When it was time to start telling people about my stories, I began creating postcards. They’re for promotional mailings … for giving away at book tables … and for you if you’d like one!

This is a friendly little offer to readers. Do you like story art? Might a postcard brighten your day? Would you mind if one or two of my characters showed up in your mailbox? There’s no real catch. All I need from you is an address. I will not hand over your name/address to anyone else. It’s safe and sound with me. Unless you specify otherwise, I would keep your information on a list for future postcard mailings. From time to time, especially when I travel, random people on my mailing list will receive postcards from afar. Just for fun. Because I like fun.

Let’s limit the story-related postcards to one of each kind per household. That means you can request one for each book and story for as long as supplies last. If I run out, I’ll update this page. I’m happy to mail these to you, your kids/grandkids, or a friend you’d like to tell about the series. If you’d like to be added to a virtual mailing list, I can do that as well. Every so often, I’d email to let you know when a short story is published or a book is releasing. Nothing spammish. Just 3-4 emails a year, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

To email me your address > christa dot kinde at gmail dot com

Postcards currently available…

The Blue Door, featuring Koji. Art: Prissie’s Treasure by Katie Hofgard
Rough and Tumble, featuring Conrad and Ethan. Art: Blade of a Master by Anna Earley
The Hidden Deep, featuring Ephron and Lavi. Art: Eprhon by Hannah Christenson
The Broken Window, featuring Prissie and Lucan. Art: Little Daughter by Stalla Cadente.


     Little Daughter 2     Study Buddies     Safe Arms


Tried and True postcard, featuring two brown-eyed boys
♦ Book 4 in the Threshold Series releases January 2014
♦ A short story compilation card with Tamaes art

Yellow Envelope

30 thoughts on “Postcards

  1. esther says:

    ur books r soooooo awesome theyre my most favorite! other than the hobbit the lord of the rings and the bible! I love how accurate it is!


  2. Starr Steele says:

    I love love love your books!!!!!!!!!! My favorite characters are Tamaes and Ethan. I love how Tamaes is so loyal to Prissie. I can’t wait for the next book to come out!!!!


    • I’m also excited to share the final book in the series. It won’t be too much longer since The Garden Gate releases in January.

      Tamaes and Ethan are dear to my heart as well. I’m glad they’ve found a place in yours! ♥


  3. Anonymous says:

    I love athors that write christan books! And was so exited when I found your books. I now how prissie feels when all her freinds at school leave her out that happens to me alot. It’s kind of funny how much were alike. I live on a farm with an orchard I love wearing skirts I’ve always whanted a window seat…. the list goes on and on! I’m not sure which angel I like best but I think it’s marcus. I love how he reaches out to ransom and how he picks on prissie! I think it’s cute.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Can you put Angels on guard on your blog because I can’t get it anywhere else thanks.
    (Oh and what are you writing at the moment:))


    • Nope, I won’t be putting Angels on Guard here on my website. What seems to be the problem? Are you an international reader?

      And today, I’m working on three different books. 1) Tried and True, 2) an angel-themed devotional due out next year, and 3) Harrow, the second book in my Galleries of Stone trilogy, a fantasy I’m publishing under my maiden name. : )


    • -laugh- It might be better to ask how many times a day I read my Bible. Since I’m currently writing a series of Bible studies and two different devotionals, I’m in and out of the Scriptures all the time. ♥


      • Anonymous says:

        So, how many times a day do you read the bible? We have almost read all of the Threshold series and we love the books. We also love the characters: Milo, Koji, Prissie, Jedrick, Tamaes, Taweel, Padgett, Abner, Baird, Kester, Harken and Ephron. And the little manna-makers Omri and Lavi.


  5. Anonymous says:

    No I’m not an international reader. Sorry if I sounded demanding I don’t have an email or kindle.
    It’s ok I can’t get it I don’t want to bug you about it. Sorry!


  6. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get it but I’m REALY enjoying tried and true! Keep up the good work. You are a realy good writer God gave you a gift and your using it for good that’s the way to go!


  7. Anonymous says:

    Everyone has a purpose in life even if it takes a long time to find it for some and for others they just now. I sometimes wonder what I am going to do when I grow up. But I know God has something wonderful in store for me! Some times I lay in bed thinking about that sort of thing actually I start thinking of all sorts of stuff! How do writers ever sleep at night! I would be up all night if I was a writer thinking of what my character would do next! Do you ever get sad when you end a story? Because I think I would get so attached to that character that I wouldn’t want the story to end.


    • Most nights, I drift off to sleep while pondering a plot. Most mornings, I wake up with ideas that need to be written down.

      I admit to shedding many tears while writing The Garden Gate, but they weren’t because I was sad for myself. And I’m not leaving behind the cast of the Threshold Series. The Pomeroys (and their angelic entourage) figure prominently into more stories. I still spend time with them every day. ; )


  8. Anonymous says:

    Sorry my iPad is doing weird things I keeps writing weird things down for me a douter is not what I meant to write there!


  9. Victoria Cooper says:

    Hi Christa!
    I think I like the Little Daughter and the Safe Arms postcards the best. They look amazing! Could I get both?


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