In which I catch up after #ACFW2016…

Practically Perfect in Every Way

Home Sweet Home. I’m safely returned from the writer’s conference in Nashville. ‘Twas a good experience—insight, inspiration, and heaps of connections with other Christian writers (and a handful of industry professionals). Workshops, appointments, keynote sessions, and a fancy-schmancy gala dinner. Despite the excitement, I Continue reading

In which I like yellow for a kitchen…

“I suppose pink is out of the question.”
“It would be hard to live down.”
“Something warm?” she suggested, her finger trailing along the row.
“I like warm.”
Stopping over a soft, buttery yellow, she asked, “This?”

Pursuing Prissie, a Pomeroy Family Legacy title

The best kind of busy. I haven’t indulged in one of these chatty author posts in a while … but not because there’s nothing to share. To be honest, I feel like I’ve been keeping secrets from you. Good ones. Of the upcoming variety. Continue reading

MONDAY: Do you know what day of the week it is?

This is a Monday post in name only (hey, why not?) because the calendar will insist on calling today Wednesday. To be honest, I don’t know quite when I am. Still adjusting to the time shift that comes with a long flight. But give me a day or two, and routine will kick in and normalcy shall ensue. : P  As promised, I come bearing both authorial newsiness and a few snapshots from my visit to Tennessee. Come and see! Continue reading

MONDAY: Do you ever pre-order books?

The last fortnight or so has been epic on several levels. I turned in a proposal to my agent. I booked a flight. I sent my editor a manuscript. And I survived a summer cold (only to come down with a second). All while learning the ropes of InDesign CC, which is the be-all and end-all program for typesetting. Which is turning out to be pretty fun. So … progress on several fronts! And some fun things to share (including new art). Come and see! Continue reading

MONDAY: What have you been reading?

Home Sweet Home. I’m back where I belong, safe and sound. With all the busyness of settling back in, I missed my Monday post, but I don’t want to wait another week. So we’ll politely ignore the fact that it’s Tuesday and enjoy a little chat. I have some pictures and some odds and ends of writerly news to share. Come and see! Continue reading

MONDAY: What’s your favorite souvenir?

(Let’s just ignore the fact that today’s Tuesday.) Hello from Minnesota! I’m visiting the old homeplace and my folks for the next couple of weeks, so news will take a turn toward the nostalgic over the next few Monday posts. I’ve already tromped through the garden, admired this year’s batch of wildflowers, watched the bats drop out of the farmhouse gables at dusk, and hunted for lightning bugs. But today’s post isn’t all scenery. More authorial chit-chat and a review challenge are in the offing. Come and see! Continue reading

MONDAY: Who wants me to host a “squee” post?

No sooner do I get one project checked off my To Do list than a new one comes my way. It’ll take me another week to wrap up the latest project, which has been all kinds of fun. I’m writing lyrics-based Bible studies for Zonderkidz in association with a huge Christian music festival in Orlando—Rock the Universe. I’m also gearing up for an Anniversary Sale over on C. J. Milbrandt’s blog because July 4 is the book birthday for the first book in my Byways series. Come and see what else is up!
Continue reading

MONDAY: What will you do for fun this summer?

I knew it had been a while, so I checked to see. My last MONDAY post was nearly two months ago. (Yipes!) Life went a little crazy, so the break was necessary. But things have settled down, and I miss our little chats. So here we are! Let’s catch up. : )
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MONDAY: What does your calendar look like?

My calendar is a funsy mess of neat notes, scribbled afterthoughts, and COLOR. Standing appointments and due dates are snuggled up between writing goals and grocery lists. I doodle. I add stickers and sticky notes. I keep word tallies and jot down the names of books or songs. Plotting and planning overlap, and somehow everything gets done (although some stuff trails in a smidge behind schedule). This week, my calendar was super full … and with fun stuff. I have pictures to share, so come and see! Continue reading