David by chernotrav, Forsaken Sons

David | art by chernotrav

He needed us. Bad. But before we could be there for him, we had to be born, and that’s no easy thing when your mother’s human and your father’s not. People like us aren’t welcome in the world. Sons of the sons of God. Our fathers were angels. Fallen angels. But for his sake, we were spared.

—Benaiah, The Three (Forsaken Sons, #1)

The Three by Christa Kinde

Shepherd Boy

Mighty Men. Most people know about David & Goliath. Their show-down is one of the most famous kids’ Bible stories, right up there with Noah’s Ark or Jonah & the Whale. Slightly less known are the stories of the men who served directly under David. This elite fighting force were his bodyguard, under the command of Benaiah, whose perspectives we rely on in the Forsaken Sons series.

Benaiah and David, small

Benaiah & David
art: Hannah Christenson

For the purposes of my story, these two meet while in their teens, forging a friendship that will last a lifetime. Continue reading