Christa Kinde, Storyteller
Behind the scenes, I’m a cheerful homebody whose many talents include dish-washing, laundry-sorting, and the weaving polysyllabic words into everyday conversation. First to know, last to tell, happy to try, and always true. A plotter and a plodder, a dabbler and a devotee. Weaknesses include bright colors, crazy socks, and alliteration. More to the point, I spend my days planning studies, plotting stories, and putting my nose to the proverbial grindstone… because as much as I loves writing, it’s work. Finding the perfect word, turning a phrase so it sparkles, giving a plot just a bit of a twist—they’re worth every iota of effort. I’m delighted to have discovered what I want to do when I grow up!

Published Works

The Thresholds Series [Zonderkidz]…

     the-hidden-deep     the-broken-window     The Garden Gate_

Companion stories to the Threshold Series…

angels-all-around     Angels in Harmony_     Angels on Guard 180     Rough and Tumble 180     Tried and True 180     Angel on High 180     _Angel Unaware     Sage and Song

Pomeroy Family Legacy Collection…

Pursuing Prissie

Christa Kinde’s non-fiction endeavors include numerous biblical resources, Bible study guides and workbooks, devotionals, and magazine articles. Here are just some of those titles:


Angels, A 90 Day Devotional About God's Messengers

Author of multiple Women of Faith Bible Studies & contributor to the Women of Faith Devotional Bible [Thomas Nelson]…

A Life of Worship  Adventurous Prayer  Contagious Joy  Cultivating Contentment  Discovering God's Will for Your Life  Encouraging One Another  Experiencing Spiritual Intaimacy  Giving God Your All  Knowing God's Word  Living a Life of Balance  Living Above Worry and Stress  Living in Jesus  Managing your Moods  Receiving God's Goodness  Receiving God's Love  Hope -The Anchor For Your Soul- Book Sample  Women of Faith Devotional Bible    Three Other Releases, 2.16.16


Everyday Living

I also publish family-friendly fantasy under my maiden name—C. J. Milbrandt.

The Galleries of Stone trilogy…

Galleries of Stone Trilogy

Byways Books…

Byways, two by five

Book Birthdays
Every book has a release date, and that’s a milestone worth remembering.

January 28, 2014 ♦ The Garden Gate
April 23, 2013 ♦ The Hidden Deep
June 19, 2015 ♦ Pursuing Prissie
July 1, 2013 ♦ Rough and Tumble
July 23, 2014 ♦ Tried and True
August 22, 2013 ♦ The Broken Window
September 26, 2012 ♦ The Blue Door
October 6, 2015 ♦ Angels: A 90-Day Devotional about God’s Messengers
December 4, 2014 ♦ Angel on High

Connect! My email address is… christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank You
I appreciate your dropping by!

18 thoughts on “Author

  1. Great meeting you at church this past Sunday morning; thanks for autographing a copy of “The Blue Door” for my daughter’ (sssshh…) early Christmas present. You mentioned a November Writer’s Challenge from one of the organization you are a member of; can you email me more information on that, please? Thank you.


  2. Kathy Stivers says:

    I just got your card in the mail and now I can’t wait to get my copy!! LOVE YOU GUYS! Congrats on the success of your book Christa!! Much love! KS in Iowa! When are you going to be on a book signing tour??


    • Kathy! ♥

      I’m smiling goofily and trying to explain to the kids about you. “College friend” just doesn’t seem to cut it. We love you back!

      Thanks for your enthusiasm and support. I hope you enjoy the story!


  3. Christa,

    You make me laugh! I know the feeling then I had to try to explain about our College adventures on tour with the Women’s Chorale and nights sitting in the dorm just hanging out and all those deep theologica discussions.. Love you too!! I am so excited for you!!! I LOVE the artwork!


    • Those deep theological discussions are still a part of normal days in the Kinde household, and he puts up with my fictional tendencies.

      Our memories are precious. I hold them close. ♥

      Art! It’s a wonder to see a character or scene come to life at an artist’s hand! I’m glad you enjoyed the gallery. I hope to add new pieces regularly, so do check back from time to time!


  4. Robert says:

    Christa, When are you coming to Horizon North Claremont again to sell and sign your new book, The Hidden Deep? I don’t think I can wait, I might have to go find a local store with it today! :) My girls loved the fact that you signed The Blue Door for them, they loved reading it with me!


  5. Hello,
    I just recently visited a bookstore and wrote down names of all the Christian Teen Fiction authors I have not read anything from. Your name was on my list. I write reviews of Christian Teen Fiction. My website has over 500 reviews of CTF books. The reviews focus on the spiritual elements found in the story. I would really like to include your book on there! Is there any way you could send me a copy of your book? I will review it on my website, amazon and CBD, as well as put a link to it on my FB page.
    Thank you!
    ~ Jamie Kimmons
    egilkimmons @ gmail . com


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