In which I catch up after #ACFW2016…

Practically Perfect in Every Way

Home Sweet Home. I’m safely returned from the writer’s conference in Nashville. ‘Twas a good experience—insight, inspiration, and heaps of connections with other Christian writers (and a handful of industry professionals). Workshops, appointments, keynote sessions, and a fancy-schmancy gala dinner. Despite the excitement, I managed to keep my feet on the ground.

Multi Conference Shoes

My new conference shoes.

Nashville is Music City, USA, so the hotel where the conference was held musical references worked into their decor.

ACFW2016, Sing in Music City


But I think my favorite part of the Omni’s interior design was the extravagant use of glass. (I’ve always loved colored glass.) Warm golds everywhere!

ACFW2016, Omni Lights

In the hotel lobby.

Hatch Printing is housed right inside the Omni hotel. They’re extremely famous for producing concert posters for all the big country music stars. I snapped a picture of this one over in the corner. (For obvious reasons if you’re a Threshold series reader.)

ACFW2016, Hatch Prints

I have enough pictures to do another post, so watch for more later this week! (And yes, for those who’ve been clamoring, I plan to update Angel Unaware in the next day or two.) ♥

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