In which I prepare for #ACFW2016…


American Christian Fiction Writers. I’ve been a member of the ACFW since The Blue Door released because my publisher asked me to join up. Which seems a little backwards, knowing how much love and encouragement this group lavishes on pre-published authors. My on-paper membership was mostly a formality … until I began rubbing elbows with other authors with the same affiliation.

We hang out. We learn together. We have fun.

Somehow (to quote Paul, “I do not know, God knows”) I found myself with a title (Zone Director) and a handful of responsibilities. And a regular blog spot (twice a year). And a passing familiarity with the oodles other authors who have banded together. I’m all up in their email loops, and I subscribe to the ACFW’s daily blog. And at long last, I’ll be attending my first ACFW Conference.

A Flight of Kindes, 08.23.16

A Flight of Kindes

So hello from Nashville, TN! We lived here before moving to CA, so I’m in familiar territory. Thick heat. Buzzing locusts. Sweet or unsweet tea. And some of the best hospitality you’ll find anywhere. (Pass the biscuits!)

Some of the other newbies may be stressing with the start of the conference. And I totally understand. Most of us writerly types have introverted tendencies, but we’re gearing up for elevator pitches, whirlwind meetings with agents, editors, and publishers, and the prospect of striking up conversations with over 500 other attendees.


Mind you, I’m not nervous at all. Nope. I’m focused on what’s truly important. Like snacks.

08.24.16 ACFW Snacks

I always enjoy exploring grocery stores in other regions. They carry strange brands and regional oddities. And sometimes, I run across character references in the refrigerator case (courtesy of Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea).

08.24.16 Milo's Sweet Tea

So expect more snapshots & selfies … here, on my Twitter feed (@ChristaKinde) and on my Instagram account. Because the rest of the week’s shaping up to be a little bit crazy and a whole lot of fun. : D

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