In which I like yellow for a kitchen…

“I suppose pink is out of the question.”
“It would be hard to live down.”
“Something warm?” she suggested, her finger trailing along the row.
“I like warm.”
Stopping over a soft, buttery yellow, she asked, “This?”

Pursuing Prissie, a Pomeroy Family Legacy title

The best kind of busy. I haven’t indulged in one of these chatty author posts in a while … but not because there’s nothing to share. To be honest, I feel like I’ve been keeping secrets from you. Good ones. Of the upcoming variety.

This year and next will see new additions and installments to tales you already know, like the Pomeroy Family Legacy collection and the Threshold companion stories—Angel Unaware and Sage and Song. There’s a devotional in the works, due to release this fall, and I’m gearing up to release a new trilogy. (You’re gonna love it. I’m so excited!)

Getting everything ready included revamping this blog. I hope you’ll be able to find everything post-shuffle. Those little watercolor buttons in the sidebar (scroll down to find them if you’re on a small screen) are intended to help. I’m also now in possession of Instagram and Snapchat accounts. Go figure.

One thing that happened earlier this summer was paint! I probably went a little bolder than Miss Priss would like … but I’ve always been more Baird-tastic in my tastes. (Walls of different colors? I haz them!) But for today’s show-and-tell, a quick snapshot from my kitchen:

I Like Yellow for a Kitchen-edits

If you’re a very clever reader, you know why I have a US map on my wall… yes?

So how’ve you been? And what color are your kitchen walls?


12 thoughts on “In which I like yellow for a kitchen…

  1. I love what you’ve done with the new layout! You look smashing in your new author photo! I have the same color sweater! Twinsies! :) OH MY GOODNESS. I suspected because you were so quiet online that you were busy writing. I CANNOT WAIT for more!!! <3
    I love the yellow touch as well! I think Omri would approve. :)
    Ive been good! Busy but good! Haha I start my junior year of high school in a week. And my kitchen walls are…green? I think? lol we don't have a lot of wall space in our kitchen


    • Thanks for your compliments! And I’m a big fan of almost-twins. ^___^ d

      Yep, writing up a storm. This has been a good year for storytelling (behind the scenes).

      My yellow wall faces a turquoise-y wall. I’m sure it’ll show up in a picture someday.


  2. Caroline says:

    I’m super excited! Love the new layout (and I found your Instagram account ;) )

    I’ve been good, but like Micailah said school starts in a few days (I’m going to be a junior in high school too!).

    I really like the kitchen colors. My kitchen’s walls are a buttery yellow, probably a lot like Prissie’s kitchen.
    Have a great day!! ;)

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  3. Your website looks awesome! And I love your kitchen. The map looks great. My kitchen is not nearly as cheerful of a color, it’s a tan color.
    So excited to see what you’ve been working on, as well as the next Pomeroy story!

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    • Nothing wrong with tan. Kester lives in a beige-tastic apartment, and he’s not complaining. ; )

      I recently received the painting for the third Pomeroy Family Legacy book cover from my artist, so I’m eager to publish #2 and start working on #3. Good things ahead!


  4. So excited for the new stuff to come out! The new website design is fantabulous, it’s very welcoming. My kitchen is a bright orange, but most of our basement is the same yellow as your kitchen. I’m apparently not such a clever reader as I am completely in the dark about why you have a US map on your kitchen wall. Care to elaborate?

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  5. Oho! I have a lot of orange in my home.

    The map? That would be a nod to a series I write under my other penname—C. J. Milbrandt. The Byways Books have ties to each of the 50 states. I’m nearly ready to release books 11-13 in that series.


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