Away and Back

The latest blog lull is mostly travel-related. I flew back to my hometown for a nice long visit and the chance to work on a super-secret project (well, okay … it’s not much of a secret if I’m mentioning it here) in my mom’s art gallery. I’m also juggling a few writing/editing jobs, including the next Pomeroy Family Legacy title. So while I’m not too noisy out front, I’m quietly tapping out new stories for you behind the scenes. ♥

Gazebo in Marine

The gazebo that inspired the library’s storytime gazebo in West Edinton.

4 thoughts on “Away and Back

  1. Can’t wait to see the project!
    Reread the Threshold series not long ago and noticed when the bakery reopened Naomi wore “Sweets for the Sweet” on her shirt.


    • Yep, and Sweets for the Sweet is that next Pomeroy Family Legacy story! I’m not sure if I plan way ahead or simply look back and weave everything in. Probably a bit of both!

      Related Aside: Naomi means “sweet.”


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