RELEASE DAY: Tried and True (print edition)

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2.22.16 As of today, you can order print editions of Tried and True, the second Threshold Series companion story that you can hold in your hands. ♥ The 4×6″ book includes the exclusive epilogue, “Flights and Hedges” and looks very sweet next to Rough and Tumble.

Threshold Series Companion Stories, 1 and 2

We’re currently working on typesetting Angel on High, so that story’s in the ‘Coming Soon’ category of print editions. (Eventually, Angel Unaware, Sage and Song, and Herald Angels will join the collection.)

4 thoughts on “RELEASE DAY: Tried and True (print edition)

  1. Soleil says:

    Is it wrong that the only word in my mind when I see this is “Aww” ? :D They are super cute, and I can’t wait to see the other stories make there way to paperback. And to soon read about little Harken is exciting!


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