IN PRINT: Tried and True

_Tamaes HeaderThreshold Serials. While I was publishing the Threshold Series, I created serial stories to “tide readers over” between book releases. Those mini epics updated weekdaily with 100-word installments. While I was able to release the finished stories as e-books, it’s been my pleasure to bring those stories into print. Rough and Tumble showed up in bookstores back in December, and Tried and True is next. 

Tried adn True, print edition


My first copies came in, and they’re adorable!

Tried and True, print editions.JPG

Print editions will be available this coming Monday, February 22.
You can pre-order a copy now! ♥

Coming into Print Next: Angel on High

3 thoughts on “IN PRINT: Tried and True

  1. Ariel Perran says:

    Congratulations, Mrs. Kinde! Those. Are. Adorbs. :)
    By the way, where is Arian? She hasn’t commented on here for a while.
    And Angel on High mini books?!? Yay!!


    • Arian says:

      I’m around. Walking the interesting tightrope that is becoming more active to facilitate my recovery, while trying not to do *so* much that I set myself back. I think I should have been issued with a carefully-calibrated measuring device labelled “Not Enough Activity”, “A Healthy Amount of Activity”, and “Too Much Activity”. It must have got lost in the post. :P So in its absence, I have to proceed by experiment…


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