RELEASE DAY: Experiencing Contagious Joy

Women of Faith. Today’s the day! Celebrating Thomas Nelson’s re-release of some of my Bible studies. They’ve given the Women of Faith line a brand new look.


Summary: Joy has a way of working its way from the inside out. When our lives are filled with joy, the symptoms are unmistakable. A twinkle in the eye. A ready smile. A skip in the step. A song in the heart. Joy lends a glow to the face and a lilt to the voice. Joy is contagious. It is also the birthright of every believer, but rainy days have a way of distracting us from that fact. In this study, readers will take a careful look at this uniquely Christian characteristic and discover they have every reason to be joyful. They will see that joy is their strength and their song and provides a solid foundation in their hearts.

Although my name doesn’t appear on the cover (it’s in the small print on the copyright page), I also wrote two of the other three studies releasing today:

Three Other Releases, 2.16.16

Both Worshiping God with Our Lives and Finding Freedom from Worry and Stress are studies I contributed to the Women of Faith collection! ♥

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