Chit-Chat: How Prissie met Ethan

Angels All Around

By now, I hope you’ve all taken advantage of Zondervan’s generosity and secured your free digital copy of Angels All Around. This illustrated short story is set seven years before the events of The Blue Door, on the day that Prissie met Milo.

A divine Messenger becomes one little girl’s prince,
and a fledgling Guardian becomes their knight.

Angels All Around, Final Cover

The story is a crossover of sorts, bringing the characters from the main series into contact with the angels in Rough and Tumble. I so enjoyed being able to bring together Milo and Ethan in the middle of a Main Street melee.

Angels All Around, 04
Jedrick, Tycho, and Lucan
[one of the full-color illustrations from the story]

But Angels All Around set something else into motion. At the time, one of my daughters commented that Prissie and Ethan should meet. A highly unlikely turn of events. But the notion stuck, and I found myself looking for plausible ways for that connection to take place. “What if…” is a wonderful place to begin a story. So while I was still writing the main series, I was already collecting plot threads for a story that would bring together the girl who loves pink and the pink-winged angel.

_Pursuing Prissie

Pursuing Prissie is a 10-years later sequel to the Threshold Series, the first in my Pomeroy Family Legacy collection. It’s available in both digital and print editions. And it chases that wonderful “what if…” into a new adventure. ♥

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