MONDAY: Do you have a favorite ornament?

This is such a fun (and oft frenetic) time of year. Our family calendar has exploded with extras—rehearsals, shopping trips, baking days, parties, and concerts galore. We’ve twinkling lights inside and out, and it’s been fun to pull out the Christmas music and tree ornaments. Authorial news with a side of seasonal chit-chat abound. Come and see!

Book Tables. Lots of my spare time this last week was spent in getting ready for book tables. And that meant setting up at the church offices, where there is table space aplenty.

Stamping Books

For the Byways books, I have special stamps that become part of the “signature” I leave for readers who secure signed copies.

Personal Touches

The first of the book-related events was last Friday at an elementary school. You can read more about it on this post over at I had so much fun hanging out with kids and chatting with their parents.

_At the Table

Trees and Trimmings. I spent part of today decking the proverbial halls. After more than twenty Christmases, I have enough ornaments to trim multiple trees. Still, each year I keep an eye out for one new ornament to add to the collection. Since becoming an author, that’s become one story-related ornament. Here’s this year’s find:

White Elephant Ornament

Do you recall the story tie-in?

And, hey! Do you have a favorite ornament? Care to share a picture? You can either send me a pic to share or pin it to the Reader Show-and-Tell board on Pinterest! : )

Gearing Up for 2016. It’s always tricky to get much writing done during the holidays. But I’m systematically wrapping up loose ends in preparation for the New Year. My 2016 writing plans are ambitious … but doable. And I’m really looking forward to picking up Sage and Song again. I’ve missed young Kester. Have you?


2015 Serials

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