Mini-Challenge: Angels Devotional

Who wants a postcard? Whenever I plan a trip, I like to issue a mini-challenge. Since I’ll be hither and thither for the next little while, it’s the perfect excuse to offer an incentive. Let’s set a two-week time limit. If you’ll post a new review of Angels: A 90-Day Devotional About God’s Messengers by Monday, November 16, I’ll drop a postcard in the mail for you. Comment below to let me know that you’re taking part! : )

Angels Devotional

9 thoughts on “Mini-Challenge: Angels Devotional

  1. Arian says:

    Review of ‘Angels’ posted to Amazon and Goodreads

    *fixes Christa with a googly eye* Now, don’t make me sorry I posted to both places. I expect an alternative method of gaining any future postcard that’s linked to a later review. Yeah.


      • Arian says:

        Hehe, no, it’s not that. ‘Completionist’ is probably more the point: I don’t like the idea of Missing Out! :)

        More seriously, my degree of general inertia is so great that anything that gets me to do *anything* I don’t have do is an unqualified Good. Your cards and postcards are not simply pay for doing something you want done. They’re rewards for one more victory over the unremitting struggle of long-term illness.

        The Moral Of This Story, bystanders, is this: it doesn’t have to feel like a big thing to you to be a big thing to the person who benefits. Pick a small thing and do it! :D


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