NEWSWORTHY: Writer of the Year

San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild. I’m a member of the SDCWG, which boasts a host of local critique groups and hosts two annual writer’s events. The Writing for Life conference in October is the big one. In the main sessions and workshops, writers find encouragement on the path to publication, answers to from experts in the industry, and help in honing their craft.


For those hoping to secure a traditional publishing contract, the conference is a huge opportunity to sit across the table from publishers, editors, and agents. And the floor is opened in both small and large formats for Q&A. Not only that, but attendees get to spend hours with other writers. I think this is especially valuable for fiction-writers. We’re a bunch of introverts who live slightly out-of-step with those closest to us. When you discover that there are others who listen to the voices in their heads … who dream up whole worlds we wish we could visit … and who “get” that characters are people, too. Well! It can be a big encouragement to see so many kindred spirits coming out of the woodwork.

Although I’m a homebody, I can no longer claim to be a wallflower. These events prove that I’m more ambivert than introvert (yay, middle ground). This was my third conference, and I was laughing, waving, hugging, and swapping writerly gossip with oodles of folks who share my passion for story. I raided the book tables, then hunted them down to sign their work. (Doncha love a book splurge?)

SDCWG 2015, Book Splurge

My haul, all by local authors!
[My tastes: mermaids, aliens, angels, and graphic novels]

And as I’ve mentioned in past posts, the SDCWG hosts annual writing contests. There’s a spring writing contest, and authors can enter the books they published in the past year. Aspiring writers can enter unpublished manuscripts. There’s an award for excellence … and they name a “Writer of the Year.”

SDCWG 2015, Writer of the Year_

Floored. Flustered. Flattered.

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