REMINDER: Milestone Party

Just a quick reminder that we have a party underway. Lots is happening—new art, a Pomeroy poll, story updates, nostalgia, review drive, and a prize drawing. Tomorrow is The Blue Door‘s book birthday, making September 26 the Threshold Series’s anniversary! To take part in the festivities, check out the lists on the original part post >>

Extension. It slipped my mind that I’d be attending an apologetics conference this weekend. (Ransom would be so there.) So I’ll nudge the deadline for participation in the prize drawing until Sunday afternoon. You now have until noon (Pacific) on Sunday the 27th to enter.

Incentive. Here’s a peek at the prettily pink notecards that will be going out to six prize winners. Doncha love watercolors? ♥


Gotta ask! Who knows what apologetics is?

3 thoughts on “REMINDER: Milestone Party

  1. Arian says:

    I do know what apologetics is, and since no-one else is willing to admit to it, I’ll speak up. ;)

    It’s explaining the faith to non-believers. That’s why “Ransom would be *so* there” – he’s Mr. Keen when it comes to that sort of thing!

    It’s less ‘evangelism’ per se (although it certainly plays a part in evangelism), and more the intellectual side: explaining what we believe, why we believe it, how the whole lot fits together, and why it’s not simply a case of throwing away your brain and accepting a whole lot of stuff that has no basis in reality. Responses for some of the doozy-level questions. :)

    C.S. Lewis, the writer of the Narnia series, was a renowned apologist. I often look to see how he answered a question if I want to know how to answer it myself. I haven’t adopted quite all of his perspectives, but it’s a fair few!

    And yes, the word is related to “apology” in the sense of saying sorry, but that meaning is only quite recent. An apologia was a speech in one’s defence in a Greek court of law. So an apologist is speaking in defence of the faith, and not being at all apologetic about it, :D


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