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Ofir leaned in, and a slow smile spread across his face. “Eyes forward, Observer. My buddies are backing up a friend of yours!”

Ravel? Koji pushed wet bangs out of his eyes and searched the gray haze, but there was no sign of a scruffy beggar. Big and broad, with red wings flung wide, a singular warrior towered over the rest. Bronze hair clung to his face as he slashed a broad arc with a double-bladed ax.

—excerpted from Angel on High, Part Seven: “High and Mighty”

Reinforcements. As part of our festivities, I’m sharing another chibi angel. This time, it’s Ravel, one of Koji’s friends in Angel on High. If you have very sharp eyes, you’ll have spotted a fleeting cameo in Pursuing Prissie.

Ravel by Terri Delgado

Ravel by Terri Delgado

Have you taken the time to review Angel on High yet? I’d be grateful.

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