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Community. Despite my best efforts at restraint, the cast of the Threshold Series has grown … and continues to grow. Every time I publish a new serial or novella, the community widens. Koji’s first friend. Jasper’s older brother. Marcus’s foster siblings. Ransom’s guardian angel. Tad’s children. In tales to come, you’ll be meeting other folks who’ve been waiting their turn. Jayce’s culinary mentor. Naomi’s brother Abel. Tad’s college roommates. Lemuel’s older sister. Gideon’s mentor. Othniel’s first apprentice. They all have stories. Lord willing, I’ll share them.

Speaking of sharing, I have another chibi angel to show you. Do you remember Cherith? He’s the Caretaker into whose capable hands Koji is delivered.


“You are the eyes and ears of heaven,” Cherith explained. “Words are your service. Art is your joy. In due course, you will learn how to set your thoughts upon a page, but a song will do for now. Sing a song of beginnings. Tell me about your first day.”

Finally! Koji’s song came in a rush as he shared all of his pent up discoveries. In return, Cherith sang about the storehouse of beauty in which they stood, introducing himself as a keeper of bees and a maker of ways.

—excerpted from Angel on High, Part 2: “Milk and Honey”

Cherith by Terri Delgado

Cherith by Terri Delgado

Which “minor” character’s story would you like to know more about? : )

5 thoughts on “ANGEL ON HIGH: Cherith

  1. Emma says:

    Wow, I love that picture of Cherith. He has the best hair. :)

    And I’d LOVE to learn more about Ravel. Ever since I first read about him, I’ve been curious…


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