CHIT-CHAT: Print Editions

Newsy Update! I’ve been scarce lately, but not without good reason. As I’ve already mentioned in past posts containing authorial chit-chat, I’m embroiled in a season of life I’ve cheerfully dubbed “Adventures in Typesetting.” After more than a month of wrangling, I’m pleased to report a measure of success.

Typesetting is a time-consuming process that requires attention to detail. I find the task enjoyable, but it demands all of my focus for large blocks of time. That’s why it’s been so long since you’ve had updates of Sage and Song (and Deuce for that matter). Thank you for your patience (or for not mentioning your impatience). Several of you have emailed me with kind words and encouragement. Bless you, reading friends! : )

Earlier today, I finished uploading Pursuing Prissie to my printer’s site and ordered a single copy—a print proof. So I find myself with a little breathing room in which to give you a report.

Step One. Naturally, the first thing I wanted to do before committing Pursuing Prissie to print was to eradicate lingering typos. Sussing them out was fairly simple since my Kindle allows me to listen to stories. The text-to-talk feature takes a little getting used to, but I’ve adjusted to the voice I’ve taken to calling “GPS lady.”

Pursuing Prissie on Kindle

When I read, my brain often fills in the blanks, supplying missing letters or words. So most of the goofs were little things like though/thought and he/her … or sticking a “the” in front of someone’s name. Those really stand out when you’re hearing a sentence veer off course. A few of my mistakes were dazzlingly funny.  Like skaters ducking under a “bride” instead of a “bridge,” and one random instance of a lowercase “l” standing in the place of I. (How did I even do that?) Without GPS lady’s help, I’m not sure l would ever have caught that’un! : P

Step Two. The actual typesetting is a cinch … once you learn how to use the program. (That’s the kicker.) Since I’m a hands-on learner, InDesign wasn’t terribly daunting. Of course, as I joked to my daughter a few days ago … hands-on is just a nice way of saying “trial and error.” But after a week or two of learning from my mistakes, I was off and running.

Typesetting PP

Step Three. There are so many details to consider! Choosing fonts. Purchasing the rights to use those fonts. Assigning ISBNs and procuring bar codes. A-masters and B-masters. Figuring out how to have the first page of Chapter One show up as Page 1 instead of Page 9. And deciding how to deal with the publisher imprint. Because as an indie author, I’m my own publisher. And any book that’s a book has an imprint at the bottom of its spine. So … we had to come up with one.

Ta da!

Yahavim Logo

This is the imprint I’ll use for Christa’s indie titles.
(I have a couple others for CJ’s stuff.)

Step Four. Cover design isn’t for the faint of heart. I know just enough about Photoshop to switch between layers and change the leading in a text box. In other words, cover design is beyond me. But thankfully (and there’s a lot of gratitude packed into that one word), my daughter Elza is savvy with graphic design. So we divided and conquered. I typeset the books. She makes the covers. We are a DIY force to be reckoned with! : D

Pursuing Prissie, print cover

Step Five. Uploading my titles to the printer’s website was a teensy bit scary. What if I forgot something important? What if we botched the files somehow? Yipes! And there is so much information you have to have ready. Being an organized person, I have created a one-sheet for each of my titles. They put all the info I’ll need in one place so I can just copy/paste the pertinent meta data. Short summary. Long summary. Tagline. Excerpt. BISAC data. ISBN. International prices. Retailer discounts.

Step Six. The last step has me waiting. My upload went through without a hitch, and I ordered a single copy. That’ll be my print proof to make sure everything looks good. After that … Pursuing Prissie will be available everywhere books are sold. You should be able to ask for it at a local Barnes & Noble or Christian bookstore, and it’ll show up in their system. And it’ll be available in all the usual online venues.

I can hear you asking WHEN? And I’ll be honest. Not sure. If all goes well on the printer’s end, titles are supposed to show up in about two weeks. (I did set the street date for 9/26/15). Believe me, I’ll keep you posted. When I get my sample copy & my first box of books, I’ll post pictures! : )

Next Week. Speaking of Pursuing Prissie… Are you ready for next week’s party? This September event will likely become an annual tradition because September 26 is the book birthday of The Blue Door … and therefore of the entire Threshold Series. We’ll kick off festivities on Monday, September 21, with fun stuff happening straight on through prize drawing on Saturday, September 26. Check in regularly. It’ll be fun!

So how’s stuff for you? I know several of you must be back-to-schooling!

10 thoughts on “CHIT-CHAT: Print Editions

  1. Arian says:

    There, I knew that print edition would be sorted out before I finished documenting all the slips I noticed in the e-book. :/ I’m dropping everything else to get it finished off and sent. It may be too late, but at least you’ll be able to check them off against the ones you found, *sighs*


  2. Savannah Perran says:

    Oh, I didn’t know you were an indie author! That’s neat :). It sounds pretty complicated, though! I love the Yahavim imprint you chose, it’s very fitting! I can’t wait to see the picture of the sample copy and first books :). And by the way, I’ve always thought the covering for Pursuing Prissie was gorgeous :).
    And on another note, yes, we’ve started school up again. We’re all home-schooled, and I just started high school this year :).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Priscilla White says:

    Awesome!!! I would have waited for pursuing Prissie to come out in print, but after reading the first few chapters at my friend’s house, I had to buy it and finish reading it:{)
    I met an author recently who told me her story of self-publishing. It was pretty neat, but sounds like alot of work! It makes me want to stick with e-books when I get around to publishing.
    Savannah–thumbs up for homeschooling!!!b^__^d

    Liked by 1 person

    • Esther says:

      Yeah, she spent like half the sleepover at my house reading it… not that I mind. I was SO happy that I could finally gush about it with somebody with out them yelling at me!
      I’m so stoked that the print edition is coming out.
      And yay! More homeschoolers!

      Liked by 1 person

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