CHIT-CHAT: You have missed a delivery…

Sticker on the Door. When we left the house for a few errands yesterday, there was a sticky-note on the outside of the door. The kind that lets you know you’ve missed a courier. Which was odd since we were all home. (Did they even knock?!) Anyhow, my mind was racing through the possibilities. A package?

Everything I’d ordered recently had already arrived. Or was I forgetting something? Hmm. And with a sudden blaze of certainty, I knew what it had to be.


My books.

They always arrive about a month before the street date. Why, oh why didn’t the courier knock!  O__O

I checked at our building’s office, but nope. No packages for the Kinde household. So we ran our errands, and the day followed its usual course. And I mostly forgot about the package. Until an email came through from the office.

You have a package.

So I made a mad dash with a strapping young buck in tow. (He’d be needed to carry the boxes!) And the nice ladies in the office went to get them from the storeroom. Only there were no boxes. Just one dinky little envelope.

I must have forgotten that I ordered something.


Then I noticed the return address label and knew I’d been right all along. Because Zondervan and Thomas Nelson share a Nashville shipping address. And …

I. Have. Books!

Three of them.

Sharing a peek at my advance copies…

Angels Devotional, Advance Copies


Back Cover Reveal!

Angels Devotional, Front and Back

You can pre-order now! (At last check, the pre-order price on Amazon was $5.60.) The release date for Angels: A 90-Day Devotional About God’s Messengers by Christa Kinde is October 6, 2015.

10 thoughts on “CHIT-CHAT: You have missed a delivery…

  1. Arian says:

    I’m holding off on ordering because I intend to buy it in e-book form, and it looks as if there’s no discount for pre-ordering in that format.

    Though if pre-ordering would be helpful to you somehow, I could do it anyway …


    • Hmm. In my experience, publishers are impressed by numbers. Pre-orders, sales, reviews, etc. But you just keep doing what you do. You’re all kinds of helpful, friendly, and appreciated in my book. ; )


  2. Arian says:

    Last night I went to the first practice for a pre-Christmas performance of Handel’s ‘Messiah’. :) My husband and I will both be singing in the performance. My son has autism and can’t sing to direction, but he can certainly *sing*. So I expect he’ll be wandering around the house singing bits of it as well. :D


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