CHIT-CHAT: Baird Hair

Show and Tell. I love it when my teenage son lets me mess with his hair. You may recall the time I came home to the surprise of his Marcus-inspired dye job.

Two Tone

Lately, he’s been letting it grow, which allowed me to braid it in a Marcus-meets-Prissie up-do.

Marcus Meets Prissie

Which would make today’s new twist a Marcus-meets-Baird extravaganza!

Marcus meets Baird

The moral of this story: author moms are equal parts scary and cool. Are all y’all looking forward to the upcoming Pursuing Prissie party? ♥

3 thoughts on “CHIT-CHAT: Baird Hair

  1. I can’t wait! I love your parties!

    Love the hair! So cool! My little sister who is 8 likes to do my older brothers (18) hair and beard! She puts bows ribbons and all sorts of funny frilley stuff in both! Its so cute this big six four guy sitting there letting his little sister do his hair! I have the best older brother!


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