OUTTAKE: Like an Angel

Prissie & Koji

“I will tell of the kindnesses of the LORD, the deeds
for which He is to be praised …. and so
He became their Savior …. and the angel of His presence
saved them … He lifted them up and carried them.”


Like an Angel

Prissie adored little ones, so she never turned down the chance to babysit Amberly. Thankfully, Derick and Pearl Matthews didn’t mind when she asked if Koji could tag along, because the young angel was curious. Even more curious than usual.

“Does she not understand that her parents entrusted her to you?” he asked.

“She’s not even two,” Prissie said as she paced the room with the teary-eyed child. “All she knows is that her mommy is gone.”

“M-m-mama!” whimpered the girl.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” Prissie sighed. “Not yet. It’s like Koji said. We’re your guardian angels for a little while.”

From his perch on the edge of the couch, Koji gazed intently at the little girl. “You are patient despite her complaints.”

“Babies cry when they’re tired or hungry or frightened,” Prissie explained, talking in a sing-song voice. “But Amberly does know me. And if I’m patient and talk softly, she’ll listen. And then she’ll cling to me instead of pushing away. And once she gives up fussing, she’ll fall asleep. And when she wakes in the morning, the one she loves best will be there, and everything will be better.”

Koji stared at her in fascination.


“You have said many true things.”

“It’s not like I’d lie,” she mumbled, flustered by what felt like a compliment.

The boy’s gaze shifted to Amberly, and he said, “We can be her angels, just as God was like an angel for His children.”

Prissie swayed in place. “How can God be like an angel?”

Turning the question back on her, Koji asked, “How can you be like Him?”

“Do as He would do?” she guessed.

Koji nodded. “According to His kindness and many compassions, He lifted them up and carried them.”

“That I can do.” Prissie looked at him pointedly and asked, “But what would a real angel do in this situation.”


With a soft laugh, Prissie addressed the baby in her arms. “Sweet girl, you are so lucky. Tonight, there’s an angel to sing you lullabies.”

And so Amberly’s sobs changed to sleepy sniffles as Koji sang about a kind God, a gentle Savior, a patient girl, and a joy that awaited her in the morning.

♦ Did you catch some of the “true things” Prissie said without realizing?

 ♦ ♦ ♦


3 thoughts on “OUTTAKE: Like an Angel

  1. Ariel Perran says:

    I’ll write the paraphrase on the true things. :)
    God is patient with us when He tells us to do certain things. We should cling to Him instead of pushing away. Once we give up fussing about what He wants us to do and what we want to do, we’ll relax. And even when things seem hard, when we get to heaven ‘the one *we* love best will be there, and everything will be better.’


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