MONDAY: Do you ever pre-order books?

The last fortnight or so has been epic on several levels. I turned in a proposal to my agent. I booked a flight. I sent my editor a manuscript. And I survived a summer cold (only to come down with a second). All while learning the ropes of InDesign CC, which is the be-all and end-all program for typesetting. Which is turning out to be pretty fun. So … progress on several fronts! And some fun things to share (including new art). Come and see!

Baird’s Birthday. 8/8 is Baird’s “on paper” birthday. If you missed the festive post, be sure to check it out. I included a teaser from the epilogue to Tried and True. Teen!Baird anyone?

Exciting News! My artist friend Terri was able to pick up her chibi angel project! This week, I’m unveiling her rendering of Dorum, Taweel’s stalwart mentor from the early chapters of Tried and True.

Dorum by Terri Delgado

Dorum by Terri Delgado

Tried and TrueIf you haven’t purchased your copy of Tried and True yet, it’s just $2.99. NOW ON AMAZON >>  Don’t forget that the book includes an exclusive epilogue—”Flight and Hedge.” It’ll give you a glimpse of Taweel’s and Tamaes’s first months as new members of both Jedrick’s Flight and the Pomeroy family’s Hedge. If you have nabbed the story, I do hope you’ll take the time to leave a review. ♥

Need some incentive? I have a fresh batch.

Review Drive. I’ll be in Nashville, Tennessee next week, so I’m going to issue another mini-challenge. Would you like a postcard from my travels? If you’ll kindly take the time to post a new review for any of the books listed below. I’ll start counting from today … and you have two weeks to take part. [Please do post an honest review with potential readers in mind.]

Pursuing Prissie
Tried and True
Rough and Tumble
Angel on High

Angel Unaware. I’m not sure it matters one way or t’other, but just in case … I’ll update you on progress with Angel Unaware. Marcus’s story needs room to develop, so I won’t be wrapping it up at the end of this year. The tale will keep posting on Christian Fiction Online Magazine through 2016.

Pre-Order! Did you know you can pre-order my upcoming devotional? I just checked on Amazon, and you can secure your copy of Angels: A 90-Day Devotional about God’s Messengers at a considerable discount. (At the moment, it’s $5.60, regularly priced at $9.99.) The book releases in October. PRE-ORDER NOW >>

Angels, A 90 Day Devotional About God's Messengers


12 thoughts on “MONDAY: Do you ever pre-order books?

  1. I have this sneaking suspicion that I never bothered to describe Dorum in Tried and True, so I was the ONLY person in the universe with an accurate mental picture of the guy.

    What do you guys think? Is personality enough … or do you need to know about a character’s looks?


    • Arian says:

      I was imagining Dorum with short brown hair, and brown eyes.

      On the one hand, I find it doesn’t matter if I’m not provided with a description of a character, because my mind will certainly fill in any gaps. But on the other, it can be disconcerting to discover later that my mental image is nothing at all like the author’s. So I prefer to be given physical details either a) almost immediately or b) not at all. :)

      Robin McKinley had a custom in several of her stories of not telling you what the viewpoint character’s *name* was for ages. More than once, when someone finally addressed the person by name, I thought, “Hold on a minute! That’s not her name!” In those cases, I’m not sure what I did think the person was called; I was just certain it wasn’t *that*. :)


      • Arian says:

        And while I’m ranting: *curses* upon the publisher who included the full name of one of Robin McKinley’s characters on the back cover, when in the story she was called by a nickname for ages, and we were intended to be getting increasingly curious about what her full name *was* until it was eventually revealed. Stupid publisher wrecked that, and I hope McKinley flayed them.


        • Oh, ouch. I had a “near miss” on a back-cover spoiler for one of the Threshold Series books. Thankfully, my editor ran the copy past me first. We averted calamity.

          True Facts: Once I start a series, I *never* read the back cover copy of subsequent books simply because I abhor spoilers. : P


  2. Emma says:

    I don’t mind not knowing what a character looks like, because I’ll often end up with a very clear mental picture of the person anyway. Like how I always pictured Dorum with a dark complexion and warm brown wings. Whoops. I think I’m gonna go read the beginning of Tried and True again to get my mental picture straight… XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Soleil says:

    Loved the new installment on Angels Unaware! And glad/sad it’ll take longer, (sad that’ll take so long, but happy to have more to read.) ~bittersweet~ :)
    I just posted a review on Amazon for Pursuing Prissie…
    I had a question, and its OK if you don’t have an answer. But I was reading the other day in Zech 5:9 and wondered if the women mentioned where suppose to be angels, or pagan gods or something.


    • Soleil says:

      Oh, and I was reading through older posts and saw a question from Micailah from last year: Baird- What was your flight’s reaction when you have out the stockings Prissie and Koji made? Did you give Ephron his after he was rescued? Did God fill up the stockings like Prissie and Koji hoped he would?… You mentioned the story might come out that Christmas. Did it come out already? I couldn’t remember.


      • Nope, but I still think that would make a fun short story. As I mentioned during our most recent Q&A, I’m saving some of these scenes up and may do an outtake collection in the future. But my next Threshold-based project is definitely Jayce & Naomi’s novella. It’ll be part of the Pomeroy Family Legacy collection.


  4. Jesslyn says:

    I’m pretty excited for the devotional! :)
    I agree with you guys. I don’t ‘need’ a description of a character because I can make them up as well. But that mental picture is *always* way different than the author’s so that’s why it’s nice to have adjectives. Haha :)

    I too love the outtakes you do; they always brighten my day :D


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