MONDAY: What have you been reading?

Home Sweet Home. I’m back where I belong, safe and sound. With all the busyness of settling back in, I missed my Monday post, but I don’t want to wait another week. So we’ll politely ignore the fact that it’s Tuesday and enjoy a little chat. I have some pictures and some odds and ends of writerly news to share. Come and see!

Pretty in Pink. It’s always fun when someone sends me a snapshot. My good friend added one of my postcards to her board! Does it look familiar? ; )

On Her Board

Party Favors. Thank you to everyone who took part in last week’s Pursuing Prissie party. The watercolor notecards went out in yesterday’s mail. I settle on a camping scene and northern lights for this round of prizes. I have another set on reserve for our next party, which is now on my calendar. Those of you who couldn’t play along this time can look forward to September 21. I’ll host another giveaway leading up to the anniversary of the Threshold Series & the book birthday of The Blue Door. ♥

Prize Notecards, July 2015

Family Fiction Edge. Every so often, I am asked what I’ve been reading lately. For instance, I was asked for a summer reading story recommendation by Family Fiction Edge, an online magazine for Christian YA fiction. [Don’t spoiler me! I’m still partway through the Remnants books!]

Family Fiction Edge, July 2015, Fic Rec

The Hawk and the DoveA Brotherhood of Monks. I’m well aware that my taste in stories is a little odd. Yes, I like to explore new worlds in science fiction and fantasy. And I adore a good mystery. Hints of romance are welcome, but I’m equally satisfied with books that celebrate friendship. And I enjoy gently-paced stories that stir my soul. Like this one. The Hawk and the Dove is set in a Benedictine monastery in the twelfth century, centering around the experiences of the new abbot of St. Alcuin. Father Columba (dove) is a strange name for a man with the proud bearing of a hawk. His tale is a story within a story, charmingly told by a mother to her daughter in a modern setting. I quickly fell in love with the main character Melissa’s turn of mind and imagination. I can’t wait to read the whole series! [Parental note: while this is a quiet little story, the monks face difficult situations. While not graphic, there are scenes of violence and mentions of immorality that may trouble tenderhearted readers.]

Writers Write. After my time away, I’m getting back into the swing of my daily writing routine. I’m wrestling a few proposals together, and in August I’ll be tackling my pile of notes and turning them into a full-fledged manuscript. And I’m starting a new author group with some of my friends from the ACFW who live here in San Diego. So I’m busy in my favorite ways! : )

What have you been reading? What are you plotting?


25 thoughts on “MONDAY: What have you been reading?

  1. Savannah Perran says:

    The note cards are so beautiful! Can’t wait to receive one!
    I’ve been reading the ‘Tales Of Goldstone Wood’ series by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, and it is now one of my favorite series. I might need to add ‘Remnants’ to my to-read pile :-).
    At the moment, I’m plotting a re-telling of the Sleeping Beauty story to enter in a contest. I’m moving a little slowly now, but I’m sure things will get faster soon enough :-). ~Savannah

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  2. Jesslyn says:

    I own the Remants series. Still reading the first book but I have the second, although I haven’t been able to read lately (busy with work/chores). I love it thus far! :D

    The hawk and the dove sounds like a book I would enjoy. I’m going to add it to my to-read pile.

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  3. Arian says:

    I’ve mostly been reading things by someone called Kinde, for the purposes of reviews and proofreading.

    I’m going to smite myself heartily if I find no more in T&T than I spotted when I eagle-eyed about half of it a while ago. I saw they were still there in the published work, and there wasn’t a thing stopping me sending the batch I had in plenty of time before that, except that I hadn’t got round to doing the second half.

    I feel like someone who saw someone else about to fall in a hole and didn’t mention it. I keep thinking there’s surely someone nearer home who will keep an eye out for holes for you, but it doesn’t look like it. So yours truly will get her act together, at least in retrospect.


  4. Soleil says:

    I’ve been reading the Byway books as we’ve been traveling, Pursuing Prissie was the last book I read. Though some of my favorite books to read and reread are by Chuck Black and Jenny L Cote. (Other than you of course, cause adding you to that list is kinda already implied.)

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    • Soleil says:

      Oh, and plotting wise, at the moment, is a story of an African princess sold as a slave, but a guy she rescued wants to buy her freedom.


        • Soleil says:

          Thanks Savannah! I LOVE to write. A couple years ago I did NaNoWriMo and wrote a 50,000 word manuscript. Unfortunately, as it went through editing the lady suggested a change in a character, and the story is all over the place now. :/ but I have a ton of different ideas.
          I’m guessing you like writing too. (Or even the dreaming of stories) :) I love retellings, and yours sounds pretty cool have you seen Maleficent? Have you finished any other writings? What contest are you doing?

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        • Arian says:

          An example of how to reply to a deeply-nested comment that has no Reply link.

          I actually replied to Savannah’s, but the response appears below Soleil’s, because Soleil’s was the first reply to Savannah and mine was the second reply.


  5. Savannah Perran says:

    (for some reason I’m not able to reply to your comment Soleil, so I’ll have to reply down here.)
    Yes, I love writing too, and I do it all the time! I’ve never participated in NaNoWriMo, but I’m hoping to do it this year. No, I haven’t seen Maleficent, but I’ve heard of it. I’ve never finished a full-length book before, but I have finished many shorter writings … except those short writings haven’t been edited, so they’re not very good at the moment :). Here is the link to the contest I’m entering in …!writing-contest/c22i6
    Hopefully that link works :). I’m really excited about entering the contest! ~Savannah

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  6. Soleil says:

    That contest looks fun! I hope you get chosen, cause I’d love to read it when you finish. As for Malificent, it is a cool movie in a different retelling of Sleeping Beauty.


    • Savannah Perran says:

      Maybe I’ll watch it sometime! It sounds neat :). And I’d love to have my story out there for people to read :). ~Savannah


  7. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    I loved The Hawk and the Dove! I ahd to read it for school and loved it (cried alot to) and would read it again! Not working on any stories right now just enjoying summer and reading ALOT!! Right know I’m reading the dragons in are midst/oricles of fire series and the sword of the dragon series. Oh, and I’ve been reading Melanie dickersons romances, right know the fairest beauty. Savannah, you should read those check out the healers apprentice!

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    • Savannah Perran says:

      I read The Healer’s Apprentice and loved it! I haven’t read any of Melanie Dickerson’s other books yet … but I’m definitely planning to :). I also read all of the books in the Dragons In Our Midst / Oracles Of Fire series, and those were really good, too. ~Savannah


      • Skylar Perran says:

        That’s so cool! I already have gone through the dragons in our midst AND oracles of fire once, and now I’m going through them again! Those books are so good! ~Sky


  8. Arian says:

    Yesterday while browsing through the books on Google Play Store, I came across ‘Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret’ by Judy Blume.

    I remembered it was a good book, and I hadn’t read it in ages, so I bought it and read it at a sitting.

    If you’re a tween- or teenaged girl and haven’t read it yet, do get it from the library and read it. It’s well worth it. Even if you’re not, you might enjoy it. But the protagonist is a girl aged 11-12, and that’s its target audience.

    But my stars, it felt short to me! It packs a lot of things that matter to Margaret into a fairly short space. When I think about it, it’s probably because it doesn’t go much into how Margaret felt about the things that happened: it lets the reader supply the emotion. And that’s probably one of the things that goes into making it a good book. Relatively few words elicit a lot of contribution from the reader.

    But it also gave me a sense of dissatisfaction that I read so very fast. It enables me to be solidly immersed in the story, but for books that short, I feel as if I’ve barely started before I’m finished. :/

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