REMINDER: Pursuing Prissie Party

Pursuing Prissie, blog

Q&A. Poll. Prizes. Lots of fun stuff happening in the festivities surrounding Pursuing Prissie. This event is a little shorter than some of my others, and I want to make sure everyone who wants to join in has a chance. So here goes:

1. If you want to be a part of the prize drawing, let me know what you did in comments on the Pursuing Prissie Party post. That’s where I go when it’s time to create my master list.

2. So far, only three people have done this, so it bears repeating. Before the drawing on Saturday, July 25, comment on that post to let me know which of the items on the “How Do I Enter?” list you accomplished. WHERE TO COMMENT >>

3. Your deadline for the prize drawing is noon (PDT) on Saturday, July 25. Make sure to comment by then. Because I don’t want to miss anyone’s entries! ♥