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July 20-25, 2015. Pursuing Prissie, the first book in the Pomeroy Family Legacy collection, released a month(ish) ago, and as promised … I’m kicking off a party for readers. We’ll chat about the book, and I’ll give you some ways to play along. There’ll be a giveaway with fabulous prizes, and a Q&A session with the cast. This post covers the “rules” and a rundown of activities. The cast post and new angel poll are now up. Enjoy!

Familiar faces, new friends, family traditions, high hopes, lurking danger, angelic archers, gentle romance, and apple pie.

_Pursuing Prissie

Pursuing Prissie. Ten years after the events of The Blue Door, Prissie Pomeroy experiences an angelic reprise when she meets another little boy she shouldn’t be able to see. Asher seems to be using his Caretaker’s powers very carelessly, but he claims to be Sent. His meddling mixes up Prissie’s life just in time for Ransom Pavlos to return to West Edinton. The newly credentialed pastry chef hopes to make a place for himself in town, preferably at Prissie’s side. But she’s too distracted by a very different pursuit to notice. An old enemy finds his way back to the Pomeroys’ farm, and the Guardian who knows him best must step forward to keep Prissie safe.

Read it! If you haven’t yet read Pursuing Prissie, the digital edition is currently available from Amazon for $5.99. Yes, I’ll release print editions eventually, probably by summer’s end. If you (or your parents) have Amazon Prime, you can read Pursuing Prissie for FREE in the Kindle Online Lending Library. Find it on Amazon >>

Review it! While I don’t like to pester, one of my goals with these parties is to give you incentives to review my books. They’re the #1 best way for readers to support ANY author. Let’s face it, reviews are good for business. Of course, my other main goal with these parties is to have fun … so let’s get that started! : )

Giveaway Prizes

Tried and True. I finished the new exclusive epilogue to this Threshold Series prequel yesterday—”Flight and Hedge.” It picks up where Chapter 300 left off and offers a glimpse of Tamaes’s first months on the farm while waiting for the birth of his charge. Sneak Peek:

Lucan and Tamaes dropped to the yard as Jayce and Naomi left the house, carrying packs, bundles, and their boys.

“Nap?” asked three-year-old Tad. “Nap with daddy?”

“Sure, sure. We’ll have a good rest under the trees.”

“Duck! Duck!” exclaimed little Neil, who was one-and-some and rarely still.

His mother sighed, “There he goes.”

“I’ve got him,” Jayce said, lengthening his stride to catch the errant toddler before he could make any more progress toward the duck pond.

Naomi called out, “Ducks in a row!”

Tad obediently trailed after his mother. Jayce set Neil on his shoulders and fell in step behind them, and Lucan and Tamaes brought up the rear. The pace was easy, with frequent stops as Tad chased grasshoppers in the long grass and picked dandelions for his mother.

10 Winners

Tried and True e-book – I’ll give away 3 copies of this story via Amazon gifting. (It’ll be available to anyone and everyone later this week! ♥)

Watercolors in your Mailbox – I can’t paint like Koji, but my mom’s a watercolorist. I’ll raid her stock and make prizes of 7 notecards that she’s had printed. Here’s a peek at her workspace out in the gallery (which is right across the yard from the house).


Grand Prize

Signed Copy of Pursuing Prissie – You’ll have to wait a bit for this one, but when Pursuing Prissie is hot off the presses, I’ll sign a copy and send it off to one grand prize winner.

How Do I Enter?

  • Comment to enter. It’s that simple. Siblings are welcome to join the fun. ; )

There are several ways to increase your chances at winning. These are entirely optional, but for each item, your name will be added to the proverbial hat.

  • Review Pursuing Prissie (on Amazon & GoodReads)
  • New review Rough and Tumble (on Amazon & GoodReads)
  • New review Angel on High (on Amazon & GoodReads)
  • Vote for your favorite character in the new Pursuing Prissie poll.
  • What was your favorite scene? Tell us in comments below.
  • Pick a favorite line and share it in comments below.
  • Do one better and tweet a favorite line from the story. Baird and I will retweet you. ; )

You have all week to take part in this giveaway. Unless travel interrupts my plans, the drawing will take place at noon (PDT) on Saturday, July 25—which happens to be Koji’s birthday!

I’m looking forward to chatting with you, and I’m so very thankful for your encouragement and support. ♥


If you haven’t finished the book yet, you WILL encounter spoilers in the comments!

30 thoughts on “Pursuing Prissie Party

  1. Savannah Perran says:

    Alright, just finished everything I was able to do …
    1. Voted for my favorite characters
    2. I reviewed Pursuing Prissie on both Amazon and Goodreads. As usual, the review will pop up under a different name, but my name should be in the review title, or the review itself :).
    3. A favorite scene … favorite scene … it’s so hard to choose! The whole book was good! I think I would have to say it was the one where Baird came back :).
    4. My favorite line … there were too many of them! I guess this would have to be one of them (it’s not exactly *one* line, but I’m hoping it still counts) …
    ‘Zeke snickered. “I’m not sure Mr. Baird knows how to sit still.”
    “I don’t think Mr. Baird knows how to sleep,” said Timothy.
    “Up all night,” confirmed Jasper, who was making short work of a stack of french toast.
    “And when he wasn’t singing, he was scribbling.” In tattling tones, Zeke added, “On the walls.”
    “Can’t deny the truth.”‘
    Yep, so those are the four things I was able to do. Or would it be five, counting in both of my reviews? I don’t know :).
    Can’t wait to see the results of the drawing! ~Savannah


    • Savannah Perran says:

      Forgot to add this bit to my before comment :).
      Your mom is an amazing artist! I’ve always wanted to paint, but I can’t say I’m all that artistic :). Writing comes more naturally to me that painting.
      I loved the little sneak-peek you gave us of the ‘Tried and True’ epilogue! So sweet! If I don’t win the book, I might need to snatch up a copy just so I can read it! ~Savannah


  2. Emma says:

    I reviewed Pursuing Prissie, Angel on High, and Rough and Tumble on Goodreads.

    I’m having a very hard time picking a favorite scene. Does “the whole book” count? Probably not. I suppose I’d have to go with the wedding at the very end. I’d thought that Prissie and Ransom would make a good couple since I first read the Threshold series, so it was pretty great to see them *finally* getting married. : )


  3. LinZ says:

    Hmm… picking a favorite scene is definitely a hard one. I probably have to pick when Prissie gets locked in the freezer and Ransom finds her and kisses her just because I have always loved a good bit of romance!


  4. I haven’t been able to read Pursuing Prissie yet, so sadly, I can’t participate to win! :( But I can’t wait to read it (is Pransom happening? Seems like it and the above comment about them kissing just made me squeal). I love your books as always, and it’ll be amazing to see them all grown up!

    If there’s any way I can enter the contest without having read the new book (I really really want it in physical book form), let me know! :)


  5. Soleil says:

    I’ve reviewed Pursuing Prissie on Goodread (do you got any of the northern light postcards left?)
    Reviewed Angels on High on Good reads and Amazon -2 reveiws
    Reviewed Rough and Tumble on Goodreads and Amazon -2 reviews
    Voted my favorite character
    Fav line:Hi – “”Sly?” Prissie marched through the kitchen door and exclaimed, “Ida was right! She said you and Grandpa Pete did the same thing to Uncle Lo when he started making sheep’s eyes at her.”“It’s a father’s duty to …”“Oh, honestly!” she snapped, grabbing Ransom’s arm and dragging him to safety. Before they were out of earshot, Beau raised his voice. “That settles that! Sis took him.
    Fav scene:”Mimicking Josiah’s clasped hands, Colin asked, “Can I be weird, too?”“Please do,” Jude said, giving the boy an encouraging nod. “Thanks, God, for making oatmeal and for writing good bedtime stories .” Colin puffed out his cheeks for a moment, then added, “And for being real because Farmer Jude says so. So You should let me be part of Your family like these guys. Because being the only kid stinks. Jesus musta figured that out, too. So, yeah. That’s all.” Everyone at the table stared at Colin. Josiah spoke up first. “Hey! Did you just pray to become a Christian?”“Duh.” Colin shoved a spoonful of oatmeal into his mouth

    …love your moms painting! She’s really good.


  6. Oh wow those water colors are beautiful!
    Okay I voted in my top 3 favorite characters in the poll.
    My favorite scene I have to say was when Timothy got saved. Zelda and Jasper had been praying for so long, and it’s always amazing when God answers prayer.:) Way to go boys for the consistency!!
    Favorite line was probably when Zeke said his sister’s legs are like a myth. :D
    I could probably think of others by that’s the one that came to mind.:)
    I haven’t reviewed Persuing Prissie yet but I plan to soon (probably not in time for the contest but oh well).


  7. Noella W. says:

    Hi there! Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to read Angel on High, Rough and Tumble, or Pursuing Prissie yet :(. But I’m really looking forward to reading them! So unfortunately I can’t review them quite yet.
    However, this one entry (commenting) into the drawing is better than nothing! :)
    Keep on writing, Mrs. Kinde! I love your books tremendously, and I can’t wait to read more!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Esther says:

     I participated in the informal poll, and while I did do a Persuing Prissie review, that was before the party started, so I don’t think that counts. :(  *sigh*.
    My favorite scene? There are SO, SO many that have reserved special places in my heart, but as a top favorite I’d have to say when Ransom attempts to rescue Prssie and ends up with both of them locked in the fridge, ending, of course, with a kiss!
    And my favorite line? Also a lot of good ones to choose from, but I’d have to say this one wins by a landslide:
    Ethan’s chuckle must have elicited a response from his mentor, because the young Guardian looked up into the rafters and reported, “It says, ‘Definitely the pinstripes’.”


  9. Arian says:

    So, here’s my round-up.

    * Review of ‘Pursuing Prissie’ posted to Amazon and Goodreads

    * New review of ‘Rough and Tumble’ posted to Amazon and Goodreads

    * New review of ‘Angel on High’ posted to Amazon and Goodreads

    * Voted for favourite three PP characters

    * Favourite scene:

    Too many to list, but this exchange is fun:

    “*Another* brother!” exclaimed Colin. “Can brothers be this old?”
    “This one’s Tad,” Zeke confirmed. “He’s my big-big-big brother, and the oldest of us all.”
    Bennett chimed in, “Except he’s my dad, so I don’t call him Tad.”
    “What do you call him?”

    * Favourite line:

    Baird to Prissie: “… you’re not the first person to have a well-dressed overly serious young man with a big nose show up on your doorstep.”

    I love this line, because Baird is talking both about Kester when he first showed up on Baird’s doorstep, and about Ransom himself showing up on Baird’s and Kester’s doorsteps when he was growing up. Way to pack more than one reference into a few words! :)

    * (Another) favourite line tweeted to @ChristaKinde and @BAIRDjustBAIRD. After abandoning several that wouldn’t fit into a tweet. :P

    Reckon that’s the lot!


  10. Ariel Perran says:

    I loved seeing how everyone grew up and how everything changed in ten years! (by the way, how exactly do you enter? Just comment here?)


  11. Jaidyn Perran says:

    I voted my three favorite characters.
    Favorite scene:
    When Koji comes back.
    I just think that part is so fun and funny! :-D I just love it!
    Favorite line:
    But the boy pursed his lips. ” Did you forget whose you are?”
    ” Tamaes is my guardian ang-”
    He shook his head. ” You belong to God.”
    ” Obviously.” Prissie tried to make sense of that. ” Wait. Do you mean God sings about me?
    Yep. I hope that was good enough! :-D
    I can’t wait to see the results of the drawing!
    – Jaidyn


  12. Virginia says:

    I voted for my favorite characters.
    My favorite scene is the opening to Chapter 22, where Padgett brings Asher to Abner, and they can hardly stay on topic long enough to make headway.
    My favorite line is at the fair, when Prissie says “Margery and her son need us to be friends, and here I am treating her like an enemy Which she’s not.” I was struck by the shift in perspective from exasperation in her treatment of Ransom to compassion. Then I turned the page to learn that Prissie said this while cradling a piglet in her arms :)


  13. Sarah Crowhurst says:

    I voted for my three favorite characters. :)
    I liked the scene was when Colin accepted Jesus.
    And I cant remember exactly what my favorite line was but it was when Prissie was in the freezer and she remembered she had her cell phone so she thought something like “Oh I could have call for help earlier”.


  14. Elayna says:

    Let’s see….
    I reviewed Pursuing Prissie on Amazon,
    I voted for my 3 favourites,
    And my favourite scene is actually all of chapter 24, but especially when Ransom shows Prissie his house.


  15. Skylar Perran says:

    I commented my favorite characters already! :-)
    I don’t think I could pick a favorite scene, I liked the whole book! But I did really like the parts when Colin becomes a christian, or where Timothy says he became a christian, or the part where Prissie first tells Ransom she loves him! :-) ~Sky


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