OUTTAKE: In Front of Everybody


In Front of Everybody

“He who disowns Me before men will
be disowned before the angels of God.”
LUKE 12:9

Cracking jokes. Swapping stories. Acting goofy. Prissie had never much liked Ransom’s knack for drawing a crowd. It always felt like he was up to something. So when she and Koji walked into class after lunch and found Ransom once more in the middle of things, she edged closer to see what he was saying.

His wild tale sounded familiar, and after a few moments, she realized why. “Isn’t he talking about Paul?” Prissie whispered.

Koji’s eyes had taken on a shine. “Indeed.”

She was shocked that her classmates would be interested in a Bible story. Then again, Ransom had paraphrased Paul’s shipwreck to such a degree, they probably didn’t realize it wasn’t ripped from some kind of reality show.

Afterward, Prissie confronted him. “Why were you telling those guys about Paul?”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know. It just seems like a strange thing to bring up at school.”

Ransom shrugged. “What would you rather talk about, Miss Priss?”

Prissie’s folded her arms over her chest. “Who says I want to talk?”

“Are you ashamed of me?”

“Not exactly, but you’re so … embarrassing!”

“How’s that any different?”

“I guess it’s fine, but … why?”

Without warning, he changed the subject. “So what did you do last night?”

She blinked. “If you must know, we taught Koji how to play hopscotch.”

His gaze cut briefly to the boy, who was bent over a notebook at his desk. “How’d that go?”

“Things got a little out of control,” Prissie admitted. “You see, we usually use chalk to draw on the barn floor. And … well, you know how artistic Koji is.”

“Sure do. The kid’s epic.”

Prissie made an outward spiral with her finger as she tried to explain. “He used up four boxes of chalk. The course takes up most of the floor in the apple barn. And it’s really beautiful. Grandpa got out a ladder so Tad could take pictures from above.”


She nodded. “You really have to see it to believe it.”

Ransom waggled his eyebrows. “Is that an invitation?”

“Fine,” she sighed. “But what does chalk have to do with Paul’s shipwreck?”

“Nothing!” Her classmate grinned. “You told me about what you did last night. I was just telling those other guys about what I did last night.”

“You were shipwrecked?”

“Nope. But I read all about Paul’s missionary journeys in Acts last night, so it was fresh on my mind. It’s as simple as that, Miss Priss.”

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