MONDAY: What’s your favorite souvenir?

(Let’s just ignore the fact that today’s Tuesday.) Hello from Minnesota! I’m visiting the old homeplace and my folks for the next couple of weeks, so news will take a turn toward the nostalgic over the next few Monday posts. I’ve already tromped through the garden, admired this year’s batch of wildflowers, watched the bats drop out of the farmhouse gables at dusk, and hunted for lightning bugs. But today’s post isn’t all scenery. More authorial chit-chat and a review challenge are in the offing. Come and see!

Alumni Author. Surprised and delighted to find my books featured in this month’s issue of the Pilot, my alma mater’s magazine. Thanks, Northwestern!

PILOT, Alumni Author June 2015

Pink Ink and Postcards. In the midst of packing for this trip, I was prepping postcards for a Pursuing Prissie mailing. It’ll take me a few more days to finish addressing them all, but you can expect one in your mailbox soon. Not on my mailing list yet? Hop aboard! Email me at christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com.

Pink Ink

I spread out on tables at the church offices because the ink needed a fair amount of drying time. (The postcards are slightly glossy.) My daughter helped ferry them back and forth to the tables. We must have filled five! This is what happens when your mailing list has a growth spurt! ♥


Can you guess what’s on the other side? ✿✿✿

Marcus x Prissie. My son still has bi-colored hair. For the summer it’s shaved on the sides but long on top, which got me to wondering if I could braid it. The result is a hairdo that crosses Marcus’s coloring with Prissie’s trademark style. Too fun not to share!

Marcus Meets Prissie

Quirky Author Mom. Speaking of the strange (yet book-related) things I do with (to) my kids, I’ll share a picture of my youngest. He celebrated a birthday last week, and in the time-honored Pred tradition, he submitted to having his nails gilded. If you’re not familiar with that particular culture, they’re found in my family-friendly fantasy trilogy—Galleries of Stone by C. J. Milbrandt (published under my maiden name).

Birthday Traditions

Review Challenge. As you all know, I love sending mail. So naturally, the first thing I did after arriving in my hometown was to go out searching for Minnesota postcards. I’m very pleased to have found some with the northern lights on them. I cleaned out the pharmacy’s spinner; even so, I don’t have enough for everyone. So I’m issuing a challenge.

_Pursuing PrissieTo date, there are only two reviews showing up on Amazon. If you would be so kind as to compose and post a review for Pursuing Prissie, I’ll send you one of these lovely night sky postcards. Be honest, and keep potential readers in mind. Give them a reason to read, but avoid spoilers! Let me know in comments here or via email that you accepted the challenge. This offer is good for the duration of my stay in Minnesota (or until the postcards run out). Thank you for supporting my books in this way. Quite frankly, reviews are good for business. ♥

CJ’s Review Challenge. Quick heads-up that there’s also a review challenge running on my other blog. If you take part in CJ’s Minnesota Trip Mini-Challenge, you’ll receive a hand-stamped notecard.

I always buy postcards when I’m on a trip. What’s your favorite souvenir?


8 thoughts on “MONDAY: What’s your favorite souvenir?

  1. Soleil says:

    I’m about to start my vacation, so I’ll probably (sadly) miss them. :/ they’ll be there when I get back, though, and I can’t wait to start reading Pursuing Prissie!


  2. Savannah Perran says:

    Postcards? Fun! I can’t remember … are we on your mailing list (We as in ‘the Perrans’)? I think we are, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to check :-).
    My favorite souvenir? Hmm … I guess my favorite souvenir isn’t something you could buy. It’s the pictures my sister takes :-). She (Ariel) is big into photography, and so we always have pictures to remind us of the fun things we’ve done :-). ~Savannah


    • THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

      Oh my gosh! my sister Ariella (Ari for short) is a photographer and loves taking pictures when we are on vacation to! Right now her camera has been occupied with taking pictures of are adorable three pound seven week old coton puppy! (actualy just clean up her poop from the kittchen floor)

      Anyway = ) we always love hearing from you Mrs. Kinde and can’t wait to hear more about your trip! Hey you might even find a small boy in there orchard!


  3. Arian says:

    I was the only person on the Reminder post to say I’d posted a review to Amazon, so I’m mentioning it here too, to make sure of my postcard. :) And I’ll mention it a third time in the PP party post, once I’ve done the rest of the things mentioned there!


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