MONDAY: Who wants me to host a “squee” post?

No sooner do I get one project checked off my To Do list than a new one comes my way. It’ll take me another week to wrap up the latest project, which has been all kinds of fun. I’m writing lyrics-based Bible studies for Zonderkidz in association with a huge Christian music festival in Orlando—Rock the Universe. I’m also gearing up for an Anniversary Sale over on C. J. Milbrandt’s blog because July 4 is the book birthday for the first book in my Byways series. Come and see what else is up!

♦ Ever wonder what happens when you follow an author over on Amazon. Since I follow myself, I found out this week. Did anyone else get this email?

New Release

♦ In case you missed the announcement, there’s a new guy on Twitter. I gave Baird his own account. You’ll see him tweeting music lyrics, T-shirts, assorted book quotes, and the answers to past Q&A sessions. Just for fun.

New on Twitter

I also kicked off Twitter accounts specifically for the Byways series and Galleries of Stone, the fantasy books I publish under my maiden name. You’re cordially invited to follow, retweet, and chat with me via these avenues of social media.


♦ How about an introduction? After years of saying I’d never use an e-reader for books … I went out and bought one. His name is Stained, and I’m already finding that I have to wrestle my son for reading time. : D


♦ Heads up! For those of you who can’t resist a book sale, I’m kicking off an Anniversary Sale tomorrow on CJ’s blog. Leading up to the Independence Day birthday of the first book in the Byways series, I’m making Book #1 and Book #2 FREE (June 30 – July 3). I’ve also scheduled a Kindle Countdown Deal, which will make Book #5 (Ewan’s second adventure) $1.99 for a limited time. Be sure to nab these titles, and please do recommend them to your friends. Bonus points to anyone who brings the series to the attention of a school teacher! ; )

SALE Ewan's Titles

♦ I’ve had a few people ask about the date for the upcoming Pursuing Prissie party. This week-long event will kick off on Monday, July 20. We’ll have Q&A, assorted fun stuff, and a giveaway. Look forward to it! ✿

What do you think? Shall we do an early “squee” post for Pursuing Prissie?


3 thoughts on “MONDAY: Who wants me to host a “squee” post?

    • A “squee” is the sound we make when excited … a sort of closed off scream. I’m sure it’s a variation on the word squeal. : )

      A “squee post” is a chance for readers to share their excitement with each other in the comments. It’s as close as we can get to jumping up and down and giggling together, talking fast about fun and silly stuff.


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