MONDAY: What will you do for fun this summer?

I knew it had been a while, so I checked to see. My last MONDAY post was nearly two months ago. (Yipes!) Life went a little crazy, so the break was necessary. But things have settled down, and I miss our little chats. So here we are! Let’s catch up. : )

_Pursuing PrissieFocus Time. The main reason I had to take a break from blogging & serials released last Friday. If you haven’t realized it yet, Pursuing Prissie is now available in the Amazon marketplace. I somehow managed to (technically) publish it in Spring 2015 with two days to spare. Summer began on June 21.

This will be the first book in the Pomeroy Family Legacy collection, which will include both full-length novels and some shorter novellas. For those of you who are reading (or have already finished) Prissie’s ten-years-later angelic reprise … I hope you’ll say it was worth the wait. ♥

Before you read Pursuing Prissie. If you have to wait a bit before you can read the book, I highly recommend you first read (or reacquaint yourself with) two stories.

1. If you haven’t read Rough and Tumble in a while, you’re due for a re-read! Ethan and his Flightmates have a role in Pursuing Prissie, and you’ll be reacquainting yourself with Zeke Pomeroy’s two besties—Jasper and Timothy. MORE >>

Trio by MistyTang

2. If you’re fuzzy on details from Angel on High, you’ll definitely benefit from a re-read. There are regular references in Pursuing Prissie to events from Koji’s past. MORE >>

Ethan and Koji

Pursuing Prissie Party! I’ll be hosting a Pursuing Prissie party during the week of July 20. That gives you a whole month to save up for a $5.99 splurge and read the book. The party will include a long-awaited Q&A with the cast and book-related challenges. We’ll wrap the festivities up with a giveaway on July 25, which just happens to be Koji’s birthday.

CJ’s Latest Books. The other reason for the delay in regularly scheduled posts to this blog was … the other three books I published. At the end of May, the next installments in the Byways series released (5-7). Why three? Because the storyline follows three half-brothers who take sibling rivalry to new lengths. Ewan, Zane, and Ganix are racing each other across their homeland in a threefold adventure. If you’re into fantasy, give the series a whirl!

Byways, 5, 6, 7

Teaching and Learning. What else have I been up to? Welp … there’s the Bible study I teach every Tuesday morning. We’ve been using various Bible narratives to springboard into topical studies. Since I write each week’s lesson myself, part of my week is given over to study and preparation. And because our church’s School of Ministry offers college classes to members, I’m auditing a Church History course. Brushing up on my creeds  and canons, movements and martyrs.

ACFW Stuff. I was a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers for over a year without thinking much about it. My publisher told me to join up. I did. End of story. Until this winter. Over the last handful of months, I’ve become more involved. I love the monthly meet-ups with other writers in the area. I even ran the June meeting by going over all the different programs the ACFW offers. For my writerly followers … do you have friends who also write? How do you support and encourage one another?

Fun and Games. Now that I have a little wiggle room back in my schedule, I’ve been able to play some games. Our family loves games. Over the weekend, we test-drove our newest. Qwirkle is deceptively simple, with just the right balance of strategy and luck. It’s now on my list of Favorite Writing Break Games. The kids kept saying, “Marmee, stop Qwirkle-ing!”


There’s more I could share, but I’d better save something for next week! ; )  So how about you? What’ll you be doing for fun this summer?


20 thoughts on “MONDAY: What will you do for fun this summer?

  1. Olive says:

    My summer “To-Read” list just got a teensy bit longer! The triple Byways books are at the top! :) Hopefully I can get a Qwirkle set soon; I’m ready to try it out. :D With graduation just around the corner, my family and I went poking around Main Street for gifts, and I happened to stumble upon a shelf of statues of angels! All were unarmed, female, and had feathery wings, despite the fact that angels are not birds (as said by Koji). However, one of the angels did carry an inscription which read:
    “Guardian Angels
    Sent from above
    Keep you from harm
    Wrap you in love.”
    How coincidental! ;) Another statue I saw a while ago was of a little blond angel girl holding a kitten on her shoulder. Perhaps over this summer I should start an angel collection? :D


  2. Jesslyn says:

    For fun? Hmmm…I’m behind on reading. And also I’m growing some crops this summer. I have a self defense class twice a week and am planning on trying out dancing. I’m also working at Taco Bell, which isn’t necessarily fun, but it’s something I do. Lol. I have the quirkle game!


  3. Arian says:

    Well, it’s winter down here, and according to the way we measure the seasons, it has been since 1 June. So I’m really glad you met your spring deadline according to your custom, because I was a bit sad when I thought you’d reached summer without it being finished.

    This winter I expect to do the usual things I do for fun – reading, talking to my friends online, and leading a clan in the MMORPG RuneScape.

    I’ve already bought and read the three new Byways books and PP. I’ve also proofread them, and will be sending you a list (or four) of errata soon. (What, you thought your work on them was over? :D) I wish you could persuade yourself to borrow my eyes before publication though … you’re wasting a valuable resource. ;)


    • Arian says:

      A question:

      When I first read Little Women, I was surprised that the girls called their mother Marmee, a name with (I assumed) a sounded R in the middle.

      Later, I found out that Alcott called her own mother Marmee, and that her accent would have rendered it R-lessly, as ‘Mahmee’. Which made a lot more sense.

      This hasn’t stopped the actors in various dramatisations of the book from going ahead and sounding the R anyway …

      So are you an R-ful Marmee or an R-less one? :)


    • You know, I’ve always struggled with the final chapters of a book. Never because I don’t know what’s going to happen. Best I can figure, I get skittish when it’s time to say goodbye … and need breaks to manage the personal emotional tension.


  4. Olive says:

    I’m a R-ful Marmee, actually. I always thought “Marmee” was the little name the March girls had for their mother. Why did Alcott but the “r” in “Marmee”, though, if she couldn’t pronounce it? :/


    • Arian says:

      *Didn’t* pronounce it. :) If you said “mah mee” to me and asked me to write it down, I’d spell it Marmee too.

      ‘party’, ‘Barney’, ‘martyr’, ‘farmer’… there’s not an audible R in any of them, in a non-rhotic accent. Such as mine. And also such as hers. :)


      • Many languages/accents soften, drop, blur, and slur word sounds on a regional basis. Perhaps that’s why spelling is so tricksy. And why a “reader’s pronunciation” can make for humorous blunders.

        For instance… Beau’s name can throw young readers for a loop if they try to pronounce all those vowels. It never occurred to me that “kids these days” wouldn’t realize that Beau is pronounced “Bo.”


        • Arian says:

          Your comment about spelling being tricksy reminds me of a conversation I had online once. Someone was insisting most vociferously that spelling should be altered to be entirely phonetic. So I said, “Good idea. Change everything to coincide exactly with *my* accent.” :P

          Now, pay attention, Americans, because this will be important after the Grand Spelling Reforms:

          * All Rs at the end of syllables are silent, and need no longer appear in the spelling.
          * ‘path’ does not rhyme with ‘math’.
          * ‘grass’ does not rhyme with ‘mass’.
          * ‘father’ does not rhyme with ‘bother’.
          * In ‘marry merry Mary’, each word is pronounced differently.
          * ‘cot’ and ‘caught’ are pronounced differently; ‘caught’ and ‘court’ are pronounced the same.
          * ‘pen’ and ‘pin’ are pronounced differently.

          What? You don’t want to learn to spell according to my pronunciations? How completely unreasonable! :D


        • Jesslyn says:

          Lol, Arian! I pronounce all of those words opposite the way you do. I have a southern/mid-west accent, depending on the day and how excited I am. The more excited I am, the more southern I sound. Haha :)


        • Esther says:

          When I was twelve, I read Pride & Prejudice. It was the first time I came in contact with the word ‘beau’ (and the crazy plural form: beaux). I used to pronounce it ‘bee-oo’, until I watched the movie version and discovered I was wrong. When reading your books to my younger brother and cousin, I mostly pronounce it ‘bo’ but I mess up every so often. I’ve always had problems with pronunciation. My most humorous failures, such as the legend of the ‘Australian orbijohns’ (Australian aborigines), are widespread and often told in my family (much to my chagrin). I still make little mistakes every so often.
          My mom and my youngest brother play Qwirkle every so often, but I never tried it (too busy reading, writing, drawing, daydreaming). We just moved, so our summer is going to be packed with fixing up the house and getting everything settled, and I’m going to spend as much time as I can reading, writing and drawing. We moved a lot closer to my younger cousins, so I’m looking forward to lots of days this summer spent with them, doing things like going to the creek nearby our house, or sewing with them at my Grammy’s, or baking (I have an ambition to make seven pies at one time–each a different color of the rainbow), or reading books to them, such as the Threshold Series and Pursuing Prissie, (which I successfully got my cousin ‘Squirt’ hooked on).


    • Are you familiar with an “up east” accent? (Not Jersey. More Boston.)

      Fun Fact: Several years back, I announced to the kids that their kids should refer to me as “Marmee.” Someday. At the time, they were all quite young. Now they use Mama and Marmee interchangeably. Last year, I was given a Christmas stocking with Marmee on it. It’s well and truly stuck. : 3


      • Arian says:

        I read somewhere recently that the R-less New England accent isn’t regarded with favour by young New Englanders, and they’re abandoning it in droves – at least to the extent of sounding their previously silent Rs.

        I think that’s rather a shame. A sad comedown for an accent that used to be regarded as a sign that you were Somebody.


  5. Hi Krista,

    Have a great creative summer. I haven’t been able to keep up with your story bites as much as I would like. However, I am praying for your work to keep bearing fruit and reaching folks for Christ. The more I find out about what it takes to be an author, the more I know you have to enter with prayer. You don’t want to step into something that is not what you are called to do, or run ahead of the Lord’s timing.

    I am in the website, self-publishing phase of my first book. You had actually seen an early edition of it at the San Diego Christian Writer’s Conference a few years ago. I appreciate your encouragement and enthusiasm. I know writing can be a quiet struggle that most people don’t understand unless they have tried to bring characters to life.

    I will do my best to support and you and will get to reading one of your stories all the way through. I am helping some other writers right now, but I will get to it.

    In Christ, Gary


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