Follow Along

A little bird told me… I’ve been fiddling with something fun, and it’s ready to roll. Bet you can figure out what mischief is afoot if you come to the blog and scrooooooooll down the sidebar. See it (him)?

19 thoughts on “Follow Along

  1. Micailah Cialella says:

    Baird has a twitter account?!?! *squeals* This is the greatest thing that’s happened since the invention of toaster pastries! I don’t have twitter, but I see the posts. Baird, you like Family Force 5 too?!

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    • ♫ “You’re the start and the ending. You’re the reason for living. You’re the beat in every heart. You’re everything You say You are.” —Family Force 5, Walk on Water #TimeStandsStill


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