NEWSWORTHY: Lamplighter Award

Triple Crown Awards

Exciting news! Yesterday, I came home from running errands (music lessons, grocery store) to find a package waiting. From my publisher. Mystified, I opened the box and extricated a beautifully-framed award for The Blue Door. This first book in the angel-filled Threshold Series has been honored by the National Christian School Association with the Lamplighter Award for 2015.

Lamplighter_full“Encouraging elementary and junior high students to read wholesome and uplifting books since 1992.” The Triple Crown Awards are chosen each year in three categories:

  • The Gallery Award, for 1st – 3rd grade
  • The Crown Award, for 4th – 5th grade
  • The Lamplighter Award, for 6th – 8th grade

You can find out more about this program for Christian schools and Christian school librarians at You can also explore the Lamplighter Nominated Books page, which showcases all the nominees, honor books, and winners in the category. When I clicked through the list, I discovered that The Hidden Deep is a nominee for next year’s award. To quote one of the characters in the imminently upcoming Pursuing Prissie, “I’m blissed out and blessed, and it’s more than I could ever ask or think!”

Lamplighter Award, 2015

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