Before you read Pursuing Prissie…

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Guess what? I’ve been holding off on updating you about progress on Pursuing Prissie because … I can only say “almost ready” so many times. So I waited until I could say DONE! The past week has been spent deep in edits. Every time my beta readers and proofers laughed or gasped in the right places, I grinned. Every time they sussed out a new typo, I was humbled and grateful for their sharp eyes.

About half an hour ago, I hit the PUBLISH button on Amazon’s site. Based on past experience, the book should show up for sale within the next hour or two.  Which makes today (June 19, 2015) the official release day for Pursuing Prissie.

_Pursuing Prissie

Wondering what to do while you wait for the new adventure/romance to show up in the digital marketplace? I have two recommendations!

1. If you haven’t read Rough and Tumble in a while, you’re due for a re-read! Ethan and his Flightmates have a role in Pursuing Prissie, and you’ll be reacquainting yourself with Zeke Pomeroy’s two besties—Jasper and Timothy. MORE >>

2. If you haven’t read Angel on High in a while, you’ll definitely benefit from a re-read. There are regular references in Pursuing Prissie to events from Koji’s past. MORE >>

Golden 05

Pursuing Prissie is a full-length novel set ten years after the events of The Blue Door. While the characters are a decade older, the story is in keeping with the main series. Yes, there’s a romance underway, but I’d consider this book appropriate for tween/teen readers. As with all my stories, the focus remains on family, friendship, and faith.

For those who want to share their excitement, I’ll be hosting a Pursuing Prissie party during the week of July 20. That gives you a whole month to save up for a $5.99 splurge and read the book. (In my experience, you guys devour whole titles in a single afternoon, but hey … you’re amazing like that!) The party will include a long-awaited Q&A with the cast and book-related challenges. We’ll wrap the festivities up with a giveaway on July 25, which just happens to be Koji’s birthday!

And as always, please do leave a review on Amazon. Other than buying the book, that’s the biggest way you can support me … and the entire cast of the Threshold Series. I’ll do another blog post when the story’s live, but if you’d be happier hitting “refresh” yourself, here’s a link to my Amazon Author Page. ; )

6 thoughts on “Before you read Pursuing Prissie…

  1. Esther says:

    It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally, actually here!!!!!
    Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Mrs. Kinde!!!!
    I’m off to beg my mom and brother to pitch in so we can all buy it together!!

    Liked by 1 person

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