Angel Unaware, Part 5: Class Clown

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The May issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine has released, which means you can read the next installment in this year’s Threshold-based serial! More familiar faces show up in Part Five, “Class Clown.”

He was the new kid, and he needed a friend.

_Angel Unaware

Story Summary: Marcus had never been a typical cherub. Raised on earth instead of in enclaves, he blended right in with humanity. The perfect Graft. But what Marcus wanted more than anything else was to become a warrior. So he asked God for a mentor. Marcus gets his armor fittings and swordsmanship lessons. But he also ends up with a couple of well-meaning foster parents, three nosy siblings, a lonesome landlord, and a new best friend.

Angel Unaware, © Copyright 2015 Christa Kinde, all rights reserved.
Part Five: “Class Clown”
Christian Fiction Online Magazine, May 2015 | Read it now >>

After you’ve read there, I hope you’ll come back here with any comments and questions. : )

11 thoughts on “Angel Unaware, Part 5: Class Clown

  1. Arian says:

    I’d got hold of an idea that they were younger than that when he tied the knot in her hair. I’ll have to look at it again.


    • Arian says:

      Hmmm – it happened “in the sixth grade,” and Ransom’s “been in [Prissie’s] homeroom class for the last two years in a row.” So they must have been going into the eighth grade that autumn.

      Starting the eighth grade at fourteen and even fifteen? I mustn’t understand the school system. But at least now the maths works. :)


      • Just did a quick check, and yes, The Blue Door happens during the summer before Prissie enters the eighth grade. Most students would be 13 or 14 going in, so she’s older than some of her peers. (That jives with Naomi’s tendency to start her young’uns in school later than the minimum age. Tad’s eighteen already when he starts his senior year.) Which must mean that when Ransom and Marcus took those placement tests, their results landed them in the sixth grade … even though they “should” have been able to go into seventh with other kids turning thirteen.

        And that’s all I’ve got to lend plausibility to the maths. ; )


  2. Grace says:

    I love how you integrate what happens in the Threshold series into the other books. It allows us to have more context and develops the story! This was my favorite chapter yet (but I say that after every new chapter comes out). Thanks for the great stories


  3. Jesslyn says:

    Love it!! <3

    Ohhhh that makes sense, Mrs. Christa! I myself was kind of wondering about the whole age-grade thing as well. :D


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