OUTTAKE: Visible and Invisible


Visible and Invisible

Immortal, invisible, God only wise,
In light, inaccessible, hid from our eyes.

“Found you!” Milo reached up and tapped one of Zeke’s red sneakers. “You’re getting better at this.”

Letting go of the tree branch with both arms, Zeke swung upside down from his knees. “I’ve always been good at hide-and-seek!”

Milo leaned against the tree trunk. “I seem to remember a time when you thought that covering your eyes made you invisible.”

“Not since I was little!” Zeke’s face scrunched up. “And the game’d be ruined if you couldn’t see who you’re looking for.”

“Oh, I don’t know. Some of your favorite things are invisible. And finding them can be fun.”

“Is this a Bible lesson?”

Milo chuckled. “Let’s call it a game.”

“Okay!” Zeke turned a somersault before dropping to the ground. “I like your games. What’re the rules.”

“You name something visible, and I’ll name something invisible.”

“What kinda stuff?”

“Big stuff. Little stuff. As long as it’s a favorite thing, this should work.”

Zeke flopped onto the grass and stretched out. Staring up through its leaves, he said, “Sunny days.”

Milo countered, “Cool breezes.”

“Rainy days.”


“I get it!” Zeke exclaimed. “My favorite stuff is a mix of both. How about … birthday parties.”

Milo winked at the boy who’d soon be turning nine. “Secrets.”


“The smell of butter and vanilla.”

Zeke’s smile widened. “Dad’s bakery.”

Milo hummed, then answered, “Your hopes for the future.”


“How much he loves you.”

With a sidelong look, Zeke picked, “You, my ’Lo.”

God, whose gifts are always good.”

“You win.” The boy folded his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. “Nothing’s gonna beat God. He should be everybody’s best favorite.”

“He’s certainly mine.”

“Can I be next after Him?”

“I think I can fit you in between blue skies and twelve-part harmony.”

The boy snickered. “You like the weirdest stuff.”

“Maybe so. But I’m not alone.”

“Yep,” Zeke said smugly. “Because you found me.”

 ♦ ♦ ♦

♦ Do you like “weird” stuff?

♦ What are some of your favorite sounds and smells?

♦ How about songs and words? Wishes and feelings?


3 thoughts on “OUTTAKE: Visible and Invisible

  1. Awwww that was so sweet! That may be my favorite Outtake so far.
    Do I like weird stuff? Yes, and weird people. XD A lot of times God hides his blessings in the oddest places.:)
    My favorite smells would be the freezer (like I said odd.:) ), old books, and I believe there was a time when I liked the smell of gasoline. :) I love the sound of falling water.
    Songs songs songs. I love lots of songs! When it comes to words I enjoy funny sayings and inspirational quotes the best. The best wishes are the ones that come true, and I love being happy! :D


  2. Olive says:

    Weird stuff? I like collecting bits and pieces of things, but weird? What qualifies as weird? What makes something weird? :/
    I love the smell of clean laundry and fresh-baked cookies, and I love lots of different sounds, but I think the human voice is the best of all. :)
    There are lots of really good songs, and I LOVE a Capella. I do love words better than songs, especially poetry.


  3. Sheay says:

    Awww! so sweet. depends on your definition of weird. I love books. making things with my hands, cooking for myself and not having to share.
    Sounds and smells, hmmm. fresh baked cakes and bread, vanilla, strawberries, lavender, wind chimes, song birds, harps, violins, THUNDERSTORMS!!! ( the clash of thunder and lightning, passing across the sky, reminds me of the faithful and fallen battling.) fresh peaches, percussion (particularly, street percussion)
    Songs: What if cartoons go saved (Totally a Baird song), Day of Elijah ( reminds me of Marcus and Milo a tiny bit.) , People get ready, Crank that holy ghost, Psalm 151- I will testify to Love.( Seems like Prissie’s theme song.) God made Girls, ( The ladies in Prissie’s life.)
    To many words to chose from.
    Feelings: Joy, peace, hope, love.
    How do you put hopes and wishes into words?!?!


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