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Last week, The Hidden Deep celebrated a milestone, and today I held the drawing for our prize winners. Thank you to everyone who reviewed, tweeted, pinned, and chatted your way into entering the contest. Here are the ten winners of our prize postcards (in the order your numbers came up, courtesy of…

1. Tyme

2. Jesslyn

3. Soleil

4. Sarah

5. LinZ

6. Esther

7. Arian

8. Megan

9. Noelle

10. Olive

I’m quite sure I know who all y’all are … except maybe Olive. You need to email me your mailing address, m’dear! I’m christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com. ALSO! It has come to my attention (thank you, daughter #1) that when I was sick a few weeks back, I totally neglected to have glossies made for the prize winners of my last drawing! OTL  I’ll dig back through my inbox and find those requests. Apologies to those who’ve been waiting on those. What can I say? I’m an absent-minded wonder sometimes! : P

Thanks & Congratulations!

6 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS: Prize Winners

  1. Jesslyn says:

    Congratulations everyone! : ) I know, Arian! For the other book birthdays, the quote I wanted to put was too long so I had to take a picture of the quote and then tweet it! : )


  2. Soleil Bourdon says:

    I’ll now be on the lookout for the glossies. I was wondering. Glad to know it’ll be here soon. :)
    (I don’t suppose you ever finished going through the Broken Window yet?)


  3. Esther says:

    Congratulations, everyone. I think you had as much fun as I did!!!!
    And no problemo about the glossies. I know exactly how it is. I remember story plots and characters from my first attempts when I was six, but I never remember to call my friends back. And I don’t have a good excuse!


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