C. J. MILBRANDT: Cover Reveal v.3

I’m smiling, even chuckling a little over here. Some weeks, I am scraping the proverbial barrel to bring you news because … eh. Same-old, same-old isn’t too interesting. And then there’s a week like this week, when blessings come in a deluge and news is happening faster than I can type. : D 

As I may have mentioned a time or two (ahem), I write family-friendly fantasy under my maiden name. Same author. Same heart for family, friendship, and faithfulness. But with crazy stuff like living statues and shape-shifting siblings thrown in. Just because. At the moment, I have a review drive and giveaway running for the Byways series. This is the perfect time to test drive one of my kids books since I’m offering review copies of the series starter. MORE INFO >>

And … the third cover reveal of the week just happened over at CJMilbrandt.com. Byways Book #5 (and #6 and #7) will release on May 26, 2015. The cover for Inside the Tree gives us a glimpse of Ewan in elk-form!

April 2015 Cover Reveals

For the full view of Inside the Tree, visit THE REVEAL POST >>

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