MILESTONE: The Hidden Deep

Pomeroys Folly

Today, I’m celebrating a book birthday! The Hidden Deep released on this day in 2013, making this its second anniversary.

Fun Fact: In my original manuscript, the book’s title was The Chained Deep.

Fun Fact: The publisher changed the book cover before printing. Apparently, they decided Prissie would look better in green! ; )

Book 2, BeforeAfter

As per usual, I’ll do a small prize drawing. There are ten postcards up for grabs and some Threshold Series bookmarks. I have a handful of ways to take part:

Review. If you haven’t yet reviewed The Hidden Deep and do so before our drawing, I’ll drop your name in the proverbial hat!

Tweet. Since Twitter is my social media of choice, I’d love it if you were to tweet a quote or picture related to The Hidden Deep! I’m @ChristaKinde on Twitter … and I’ll retweet you!

Favorite Moment. Do you have a favorite scene or quote? Share it!

Pin a Costume. Halloween happens during The Hidden Deep, and all of West Edinton turns out for their annual Harvest Festival. What costume would you wear to a town-wide masquerade party? Or … how would you have one of our cast members dress up? Pin your choices to the Reader Show-and-Tell ♥ group board. Not yet a part of the group? Link me to your profile in the comments below so I can get you added!

Discussion Questions. Did you know there are questions at the end of each book in the Threshold Series? Here’s the list from Book 2: The Hidden Deep. Choose one to answer, and you’ll get another chance at our prizes. (You’re very much welcome to answer more than one, but it’ll still be just one chance.)

Discussion Questions

1. In the first chapter of The Hidden Deep, Prissie admits to herself that overlooking Koji’s bizarreness is easy because she knows he’s an angel. But what if he’d been a regular boy? Do you avoid people who are different? Do you consider yourself one of the different ones?

2. What makes someone trustworthy?

3. What does your name mean? Do you have a nickname? Would you like a new name? In Revelation 2:17, one of the promises God makes to the one who overcomes is, “I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.” If you have a Bible and you’re curious, what other very special thing is promised in this verse?

4. Prissie’s afraid of heights. Is there something that frightens you? Makes you nervous?

5. In Chapter 3, Prissie shows admirable courage in standing up to a bully. Why is that so hard to do?

6. Do you know what it’s like to be lonely in a crowd?

7. Family traditions can be big or small. Grandpa Pete and Aunt Ida planned and planted a garden together. The Pomeroys always attend Neil’s home games. The town’s fall festival has become a family tradition. So is the annual preparations for the Christmas production of Handel’s Messiah. Does your family do things that have become your traditions?

8. Do you enjoy dressing up in a costume? What makes a masquerade fun? What’s your ideal costume?

9. Have you ever said something you wished you could take back? Is there any excuse for hurting someone with your words? Do we make excuses anyhow? Do they make you feel any better? Can anything make it better?

10. When Tad’s looking for the missing thingamabob for his car, he points out that his missing thingamabob isn’t any more important than the rest. “I need them all in the right place if this old thing is ever going to make it out of the shed.” Are you part of something bigger? Who’s important to you? Who are you important to?

11. Prissie’s apology at the end of Chapter 11 is rejected. The next time she says she’s sorry, Ransom believes her. What changed?

12. What makes Koji’s friendship with Prissie so unusual?

The prize drawing will take place at noon (PDT) on Friday, May 1.

Have fun!

33 thoughts on “MILESTONE: The Hidden Deep

  1. I know you’re wondering, so let me set things straight. I’m not hosting a Q&A with the cast for this milestone … because I want to save up and do a big one after Pursuing Prissie releases! Look forward to it! : )


  2. Ariel Perran says:

    Woo-HOO!! Another book birthday! All right, here goes: (by the way, I’ll try and get a review done:))
    To question number three:
    I think my name means ‘lioness of God.’ And yes! My family calls me Airs, Airsy, Airsy-bear ;). Hopefully Sky will comment on this one! She has had some interesting nicknames….. :) Umm…I suppose it depends on what my new name would be, although I think Ariel looks pretty spelled like Arielle. Except I think my name would be pronounced a little differently.
    To question number eleven:
    I think its because she seemed to mean it the second time.
    To question numdbr twelve:
    Because he’s an angel! (obviously :))
    Thank you for doing this, Mrs. Kinde! Any ideas about when Pursuing Prissie is going to come out? I get the idea its going to be pretty awesome…….. :) :D ;) :-) ;-)

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  3. Olive says:

    Congratulations Ms. Kinde! :)
    What’s the prize drawing? This is my first book birthday celebration.
    I remember that part. It kind of made me think a bit. I do try, but now that I think of it, people seem to naturally ignore other people that are different. But I don’t think I can consider myself different because in the big picture, isn’t everyone different? :/
    In my opinion, what makes someone trustworthy is if they’ve been proven trustworthy before.
    Dove is my sister, and when we wanted to post we chose names that matched. Our real names are biblical, though. ;) OH, manna!!! Manna is promised!! Yes!! Bread fresh off of heaven’s ovens, even better than Loafing Around, which is saying a lot. :D
    Yup. Spiders and other bugs. Especially moths. They give me goosebumps. I’m also sort-of afraid of heights. Oh, and forgotten schoolwork. That’s a big one.
    I think that it’s hard because bullies seem so confident. They always think they know better and trick you into thinking that too. Standing up is a lot harder than it sounds.
    Lonely in a crowd? Sure. If you’re surrounded by strangers, you likely to feel lonely in a crowd. Because you don’t know anyone, and you might feel like you don’t belong there. You could be asking yourself why you aren’t with someone you know, or even back on your couch with the Hidden Deep book in your hands.
    Every morning during breakfast, my family does a one-chapter devotion. We’re moving through the Bible one chapter a day, picking our favorite verse and sharing it. It’s become an awesome daily routine! :)
    Making costumes are much more fun than buying costumes. Recently I was a Lord of The Rings Elf with my friend, since we’re both big JRR Tolkien fans.
    Have I ever wished I could take something I said back? More than I’d like. I’m definitely not perfect. Forgiving someone is just as important as apologizing.
    Of course I’m part of something bigger! We all are, right? That something bigger is God’s Plan, though I’m not exactly sure of the details of it. But it’s something good!
    I think both Ransom and Prissie both change for the better by her second apology. But also Prissie actually wants Ransom to forgive her instead of just obeying her dad.
    For one, Koji’s an angel and Prissie’s a human. And that’s rare in itself. Also, Prissie knows that Koji is an angel, which makes their friendship different from Ransom and Marcus’.
    (deep breath) Sorry, that was really long. :)

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  4. Emma says:

    I think my favorite scene in The Hidden Deep is when Prissie and Adin meet on Pomeroy’s Folly because I’d always suspected Adin was a Fallen before, but that was when I really knew for sure.

    In response to Discussion Question 3, my name has different meanings listed depending on where I look, but my father says he picked it out because it’s short for Emmanuel. I think if I got to pick a new name, it would probably be Esther since I’ve always wished I could be like her and speak out more.

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  5. LinZ says:

    My favorite scene is where Ransom gives Prissie his flashlight. :)
    3. My name means an abundance of friendship,love, and loyalty. If I could choose a different name it would be Ashley and I would go by Ash
    6. I do know what it’s like to feel lonely in a crowd… like you could speak a thousand words and no one would hear you.

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  6. Esther says:

    In answer to discussion question 3, my real name means ‘heart of wisdom and compassion’ in Hebrew and ‘strong in spirit’ in Gaelic, and my middle name (which doubles as my posting name) Esther, means ‘star’ in Persian. I’ve always thought my real name is really cool because it’s in the Bible, even though there it’s a BOY’S name. Oh well. My dad used to call me ‘Princess Sack-of-Potatoes’ because I liked Sacajawea and he would get me out of bed by flinging me over his shoulder. When I was little I used to alternatively wish that I was either named Amy or had a longer name so I could have a real nickname (unlike ‘Princess Sack-of-Potatoes’). Now I really like the names Janelle, Ariel, Maria, Jaysharee, and Gwendolyn, but if I had to choose a new name for myself, I’d probably go with Eowyn.
    I was curious and had a Bible on hand, so I checked and the verse promises that the ‘conquering one would receive the hidden manna’ (I may have paraphrased slightly). I’m not sure exactly what that means, but if it means I get to eat manna, I’m game.
    My favorite part in Hidden Deep–wow. Hard one. Probably have to say when Tamaes forces Jedrick to take him into the tunnels to find Prissie. But I also love it when Tamaes cradles Prissie close when he finds out Adin was stalking her. It’s sooo hard to choose. I think I’ll go with the first option.
    I’ll write a review of The Hidden Deep as soon as I can. I’ll get back to you when I do.


    • Esther says:

      Alright. The Hidden Deep review is posted.
      I agree with you, Olive, that Dernhelm is an awesome name, but I wouldn’t choose it as my new name because it is more a boy’s name. But I can TOTALLY understand why you like it ;D <3!


  7. Sky Perran says:

    Wow, I really need to comment on this post. So, to answer question number threee, I have like, a MILLION nicknames, so I’ll just share a few. One of them is Sky, (Skylar is my real name) And then, Savannah calls me Skittles, (Like the candy) My little brother Josh calls me Skiz, and my Dad calls me Roo. Okay, so, my middle name is Reese, and since my first name is Skylar, when I was little they would call me Skylar Reesie Roo, and that’s where that nickname came from.
    To answer number four, bees and spiders make me nervous, which is horrible, because just today when Jaidyn and I were outside, a bee came up and landed on my skirt!. :-)
    Okay, I won’t answer any other question, ’cause my answers will probably be the same as other people’s! :-)

    ~Skylar P.


  8. Jesslyn says:

    That’s going to be one big Q&A Session! :D I posted to the Pinterest board. The quote and favorite scene will have to wait a little bit though. I’m still re-reading and deciding. :D But here’s my answers to the questions! : )

    Number #1: I don’t think Prissie would really like Koji if she didn’t know he was an angel because I don’t think she likes different. For instance, she judged Marcus because of his hair (& because he’s a foster kid). I don’t avoid people who are different (most of the time). In fact, I’m drawn to some of them. Yes, I would consider myself to be different.

    Number #2: As my parents would say, you have to earn trust and if you do something to lose that trust, you have to go through the process of earning that trust back.

    Number #3: Depends on the source. One meaning of my name is “Upright with God”; another one means “Jehovah (or Yahweh) sees (or beholds)”. Another one is “Yahweh is gracious). I don’t have a nickname and I don’t want a new name, as I like my name, but I am looking forward to know what my new name in Heaven will be. : ) The first part of that verse is: “To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat.”

    Number #4: I dislike bees and scooters (bad case of road rash when I was twelve). I’m not afraid of heights (I love heights! And I love the change of perspective that comes with it! : )) but falling off of a high thing (or falling in general).

    Number #5: It’d hard to do because you don’t know what they’ll do; they might beat you up or wound you emotionally or something.

    Number #6: Not lonely since there is always someone I know there, like a family member, but it’s not uncommon for me to get uncomfortable in crowds.

    Number #7: We pretty much only have the holiday traditions now. But when THX was still it’s own company, my Dad would always blare the sound when the music and “THX” symbol came in. Haha good times, good times. : )

    Number #8: I haven’t been in a costume in I don’t know how many years. Since I was a young child.

    Number #9: Unfortunately, yes.There is no excuse, but I find that people make them anyhow. :( They don’t make me feel better because I still know it was wrong and I shouldn’t have done it. Apologies and forgiveness is the best thing you do, although it sometimes takes time if it was really bad to get over the awkwardness left behind.

    Number #10: Yes, God has a plan and purpose for my life and I want to make a difference in this world. : ) My family is important to me and vice versa. But other than that, I don’t really have friends.

    Number #11: Her authenticity changed. The first time she apologized, she didn’t mean it. She only did it to please her dad, but the second time, she truly was sorry.

    Number #12: Because he’s an angel and she’s a human! : )


  9. Soleil Bourdon says:

    pinned a costume
    favorite scene: probably when Ransom and Prissie are talking about Christianity. (I would probably end up sounding just like her.) ..Though I can’t remember which book it’s in, but I really enjoy the seen when Koji is telling Prissie how we as humans are constantly going against our nature (which is to sin)..

    #3 My name means Sunshine in French. (I didn’t have a nickname until a couple years ago, but my baby sister calls me “Lay”) I wouldn’t mind a new name, because God would be giving it to me. That would be pretty special.

    #6 i seem to end up on the outside of things at times. So yeah, I know loneliness.


  10. Arian says:

    *Review* Posted for a previous prize draw, so it doesn’t get to count for this one.

    *Tweet* Sent. Hope I did it right this time …

    *Favourite scene or quote* One I like is:

    “Where are you from?” [Jude] asked curiously.
    Dark eyes crinkled at the corners, and Kester answered, “I have been to so many places, it is difficult to say where my travels began. With your permission, I will make myself at home *here* for the time being.”

    *Pin a costume* Done.


    3. My name is a variant of Ariadne, like Ariane and Arianne, and thus means ‘most holy’. Though I don’t think I am. :D It also happens to be Welsh for ‘silver’ – and for ‘small change’. :P And it’s the name of a heresy that flourished in the fourth century, but I am not a heretic of that variety. :) I have no nicknames as such, although I answer to various online user names. And I’m rather fond of my name, so I’m not really interested in getting a different one. I like having a distinctive label!

    4. I’m frightened of, or made anxious by, far too many things at the moment. I manage an anxiety disorder with only indifferent success. The angels are definitely on the right track, saying “Fear not!” so often. :)


  11. Savannah Perran says:

    I would write a review … but I have already posted one in all the places that I could :-).
    Favorite scene? Hmm … I’m not really sure about that one! I think it is the scene where Prissie first sees Kester and Baird in angel-form.
    3. My name means ‘open heart’, and my only nick-name is Savann. Basically Savannah with the ‘ah’ taken off :-).
    4. One of the things that puts me on edge is (same as Sky) bumblebees … spiders, too. I can’t stand spiders.
    I love it when you do these giveaway/milestone celebration things, they are SO fun! Thank you so much for doing them! ~Savannah


  12. Jesslyn says:

    One of my favorite scenes is the milk mustache scene and a little after that when the Pomeroy children were telling Koji about their real names. :D

    I just posted a quote to Twitter. : )


  13. Megan says:

    I love the scene where Prissie apologizes the first time. It is so fake and Ransom doesn’t let her get away with it. He is being a great friend and holding her to a higher standard even before they make peace or he knows Christ. It’s great foreshadowing for the things to come.

    Discussion question #10: I adore this bit with Tad. This is a perfect description of the church. Each one of us in no more important than any other one but we all must work together in order to achieve the goal of spreading Christ to the world. We each have our own purpose as well. Tad needed one specific thingamabob to fit in that place in the same way that each of us Christians has a place to fit into the church.

    I pinned a Smart Cookie costume. I love pun costumes and I would be rolling with laughter seeing Prissie try to explain it to Ransom who actually knows but it being ornery. :)


  14. Grace says:

    My favorite moment in Hidden deep is the scene where Prissie is first introduced to dreams. I think that through this scene I see just how much each of the angels care about her. I also think that it demonstrates the bond that they share with each other. Their friendships are beautiful because the tease each other, but they truly love each other as well. It also shows the importance of not holding grudges, like Prissie does when she finds out Milo is a mailman. This scene also portrays how much Tamaes cares about her because he wants to protect her from Adin. That is why this is my favorite scene.


  15. christian girl says:

    Mine means “youthful child” my nicknames are Jill and Marie Mouse. I think I would change my name to a that has a nice meaning to it like christina which also means ” child of Christ.”


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