Angel Unaware, Part 4: Big Brother

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The April issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine has released, which means you can read the next installment in this year’s Threshold-based serial! See what happens in Part Four, “Big Brother.”

He was the new kid, and he needed a friend.

_Angel Unaware

Story Summary: Marcus had never been a typical cherub. Raised on earth instead of in enclaves, he blended right in with humanity. The perfect Graft. But what Marcus wanted more than anything else was to become a warrior. So he asked God for a mentor. Marcus gets his armor fittings and swordsmanship lessons. But he also ends up with a couple of well-meaning foster parents, three nosy siblings, a lonesome landlord, and a new best friend.

Angel Unaware, © Copyright 2015 Christa Kinde, all rights reserved.
Part Four: “Big Brother”
Christian Fiction Online Magazine, April 2015 | Read it now >>

After you’ve read there, I hope you’ll come back here with any comments and questions. : )

11 thoughts on “Angel Unaware, Part 4: Big Brother

    • (Pardon the penname, I just posted on the other account!)

      Levi came up in comments fairly recently. Was it the last Q&A session? Anyhow, someone wanted to know about the apprentice Baird had before Kester. And since there was no harm in saying so, I revealed that his name was Levi Park.

      Fun Fact: Levi’s hair is navy blue, and his furled wings fall in a flower petal pattern on his upper arms and back … ranging through shades of blue, like hydrangeas.


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