MONDAY: Have you ever had a madeleine?

Looks like I’m finally shaking this cold! Very grateful to have a clear head again and the ability to concentrate. Over the weekend, I was finally able to get back to writing, so updates to serials should be back to normal this week. Thank you again for your patience with me while I was under the weather. ♥ My small pile of clutter isn’t very tall, but it has its merits. Come and see!

Get Well Wishes. First off, thank you to everyone who emailed me well wishes and prayers while I was sick. As always, your encouragement means so much to me!

Prize Postcards. Two of you were good enough to share pictures of your prize postcards! Thank you so much to Tyme and Jesslyn. Does anyone else have pictures to share? I love show-and-tell! ; )

Postcards from Tyme and Jesslyn

Watercolor Portraits. I’ve been commissioning paintings from chernotrav for quite some time. She’s responsible some of my favorite illustrations for the Threshold Series, and she painted the watercolor for the cover of Pursuing Prissie. In addition, she’s been working through a lengthy character list, creating small portraits. Like this brand new one of Othniel.

Othniel by Chernotrav

Just in case you don’t recall, you’ll find Othniel in Rough and Tumble. He’s a Guardian in the Pomeroy family’s Hedge, and Lucan is his apprentice. Well, okay. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Othniel is also a crossover character; he has a role in that new trilogy I mention from time to time. ; )  Here are thumbnails to lead you to other chernotrav art:

   Prissie   Raz  Bridge


Pursuing Prissie. I’m behind schedule again, but I’m also very happy to be back at this book. The end is in sight, and I’m having so much fun! Here’s a snippet for you patient souls. This moment takes place in the kitchen of Loafing Around. ♥

Zeke bounded over, bobbling a madeleine between his hands like a hot potato. “Try one, Sis!”

The shell-shaped sponge cakes smelled wonderful, but Prissie bypassed him, aiming for the shelf where tall glasses were kept. “If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to eat.”

Disappointment flickered briefly through her brother’s blue eyes, but Zeke took her statement as a challenge. He bit off half the madeleine, then puffed out his cheeks, sucking in air. His words were muffled by his mouthful. “Burnt muh tongue!”

“Of course you did,” she chided, splashing cold milk into a glass for him. “Be more careful!”

“Too late. Damage’s done,” Zeke mumbled around his food. Downing the milk, he popped the rest of the cake into his mouth. “What if I brought ’em home for later?”

“Sure, sure,” their father interjected. “Your mother and grandmother will want a sample.”

Zeke hadn’t changed much. His blond hair was as unruly as ever, and he still he came up with insane plans. But Prissie had to admit that he was fun to work with … provided she didn’t have to clean up his messes. In a way, she admired her little brother. Zeke had always known exactly what he wanted, and he was making it happen. He’d never wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps; he wanted to work side-by-side with his dad. So he did. Simple as that.

—excerpted from Pursuing Prissie
coming in Spring 2015
Pursuing Prissie peek

Book Signing. In local news, I have another book signing on the schedule. I’ll be joining a handful of other ACFW authors at the Mira Mesa Barnes & Noble on Saturday, April 25 from 3–5 p.m. If you’re from this part of the country, I do hope you can drop in!

Have you ever had a madeleine? What’s your favorite bakery treat?


12 thoughts on “MONDAY: Have you ever had a madeleine?

  1. Jesslyn says:

    So glad you’re better! :D

    Thanks for the excerpt! : )

    To be honest, I never even heard of a madeleine. I haven’t had many bakery treats. A wedding cake/wedding cookies, the occasional other thing. I would like to go more often, but as it is, I can’t. :(


  2. Arian says:

    I haven’t ever had a madeleine. I agree with Elza – apple turnovers!

    Three of my six prize postcards have arrived. I hope the other three haven’t gone missing. I was planning to send a photo once they were all here.

    Has my package addressed to CJ arrived?


  3. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    I LOVE EVERY TREAT!!!!! (smiles sheepishly =)) I just made a bach of french macaroons this week they were really hard but turned out really nice and were so good!! I’m so sorry you were sick I didn’t know! I haven’t been on your blog in a while cause I’ve been sick myself! So glad your feeling better!! I love the painting of Othniel I’m a artist myself so just admiring it!! = )


  4. Olive says:

    My favorite baked good: cookie bars. They’re a combination of brownies and cookies, and they also disappear under mysterious circumstances. :)


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