OUTTAKE: Finding the Words


“I charge you in the sight of God and Christ Jesus
and the elect angels, to keep these instructions
without partiality, and do nothing out of favoritism.”

Finding the Words

At Loafing Around, Valentine’s Day meant chocolate. Mr. Pomeroy was improvising this year, using his home kitchen to give his part-timer a lesson in tempering. Despite all the lame jokes about bad tempers and the mood-enhancing qualities of chocolate, Ransom was intent on learning a new skill. He was even taking notes.

Prissie mostly tried to tune them out while she and Koji sat at the kitchen table, stringing together a conversation using the candy hearts she’d bought. The young angel kept rearranging the order, turning disjointed ideas and phrases into a kind of poetry.

“Here’s a new one,” she murmured, pushing over an orange heart that said, MY PAL.

With a small smile, Koji slid a yellow candy her way. IT’S TRUE.

After a little searching, Prissie was pleased to find ME & YOU.

EVER AFTER, responded her friend.

The purple heart felt like a promise. It was fun, giving these little love messages a heavenly spin. Opening another box, Prissie flipped and sorted, then stopped short. With a curious glance, she slipped Koji a heart that said, HOMESICK.

Dark eyes took on a shine. Shaking his head, Koji responded with UR KIND.

She pushed over a yellow heart that read, MY TREAT.

MY GIRL, he responded, clearly pleased with his find.

Prissie blushed, then beamed when she was able to respond with ANGEL. Wasn’t he hers? She loved having an angel for a friend. She shyly offered one of her reasons. SURE LOVE, declared a lime-flavored sweet.

BE TRUE was Koji’s next choice.

Prissie hummed and singled out a white heart that read, SOUL MATE. Tapping his arm, she asked, “Is there such a thing?”

The young angel shrugged, then showed her CUTIE PIE. “Is there a recipe for such a pie?”

Prissie had no idea how long Ransom had been eavesdropping on their silent conversation, but he interrupted then. Leaning over from behind, he pulled forward a pink heart that said HOT STUFF. “There’s mine.”

Prissie snorted and dropped a green heart next to his. WHATEVER.

“C’mon, Miss Priss. Don’t be so stingy!”

Koji caught her eye and slipped her a heart that urged, SMILE.

Her sigh ended with a weak one. Really, it was impossible to disappoint Koji. He was only asking her to do what was right. It didn’t take her long to find the right words in their pile. WHY NOT?

Ransom grinned and grabbed a chair.

Cupcakes by cantieuhy

♥ Do you remember what Prissie thought a conversation heart from God would say?

♥ What would be printed on the heart you‘d choose for Prissie, Koji, Ransom … or any of the Threshold Series cast?


5 thoughts on “OUTTAKE: Finding the Words

    • Esther says:

      wait, I realized that wasn’t very clear. I meant that I would put the words ‘never forget’ on a candy heart.
      I think Tyme is right too.


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