MONDAY: Will you be my Valentine?

This is one of those Mondays when I glance at the calendar and think, “Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun!” (Seriously, how is it February already?) Five weeks into the new year, and I think I’m finally adjusting to my new writing schedule. With a little fine-tuning, I may even achieve punctuality with my serial posts. Sage and Song (theoretically) sees new installments on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and Deuce updates Fridays (give or take). We’re wrapping up the celebrations surrounding The Garden Gate‘s book birthday today, and I have some sneak peeks to share. Come and see!

Art Peek. Let’s start with an art peek. It’s been a long while since we had one of these, so this is fun. Do you recognize this fellow?

_Othniel Sketch by chernotrav

I have a watercolorist working her way through some cast pictures. You may remember Othniel from Rough and Tumble. He’s mentor to Lucan.

Pursuing Prissie. I know all y’all are anxiously awaiting news on the release of my Threshold Series sequel. A ways back, we were saying how nice it would be to have the book come out on Valentine’s Day, but that’s not gonna happen. However, the book should still be good to go this spring. I’m currently writing Chapter 18: “The Golden Flowers.” How many chapters will there be? I’m not entirely sure. Just last week, the silly thing sprouted an extra chapter because … well, because. It’ll be somewhere around twenty-five, I think. Plus an epilogue. Looks like Pursuing Prissie will be twice as long as The Blue Door, and a story like this takes time to tell. Patience, please! ♥

Valentine’s Day. I just happen to have a Threshold Series Outtake that fits Valentine’s Day, so watch for a little something special on February 14.

Galleries of Stone. A very different book will be releasing this month under my other penname. Rakefang is the third and final book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy, and for those of you who are longing for a little romance in February … well! This may be the perfect time to introduce yourself to Tupper, the brave little boy whose whole world changes the day he accepts the position as servant to the solitary Keeper of the legendary Moonlit Mountain. In Book 1: Meadowsweet, he’s a newly nubbed boy of ten. In Book 2: Harrow, Tupper turns thirteen. In Book 3: Rakefang, Tupper is sixteen, and …

After years of searching for someone brave enough,
Tupper Meadowsweet finds her at Pennyflax & Quince.

Rakefang‘s cover reveal is coming up later this week over on, but here’s a peek at one of Hannah Christenson’s sketches for the book’s interior illustrations:

Old Tree Flowers

Milestone Celebrations. We’re approaching last call for participation in the giveaway for The Garden Gate‘s book birthday. It’ll take me a little while to pull everyone onto a master list and do the drawing, so expect a congratulatory post later this evening. I’ll also be calling a halt to this round of Q&A, so if you have any last minute questions for the Threshold series cast, get them in now! : )

Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day?


3 thoughts on “MONDAY: Will you be my Valentine?

  1. I can’t believe it’s February either!

    I’m SO excited for the new book to come out!!! :D

    I don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans. My parents usually get us kids a box of chocolates (or whatever candy we might prefer, like Starbursts..I prefer chocolate though :)) and the rest of the day is like any other day for me (that is, most years, but there’s always the exception!) If you don’t mind my asking, do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?


    • My plans for Valentine’s Day? Hmm… symphony rehearsal takes up a big part of my Saturday. I’ll probably either be writing Pursuing Prissie or giving Rakefang a final read-through. Since both books have a romantic side, it’ll be appropriate to the day! : )


  2. Arian says:

    On Valentine’s Day, I’ll be on a train to Sydney so I can attend my mother’s 70th birthday party.

    She’s not at all the type of person you imagine when you think of a 70-year-old: it would be more plausible if she were turning 60, or even an age in the late fifties. She certainly doesn’t look any older than that.

    Her house has a set of very steep steps down to the street that she needs to go up and down at least three times a day, and she has two small dogs that she takes for a walk each morning and evening, accounting for two of the trips up and down the steps.

    All in all, she just hasn’t started ‘old’ yet. Still, 2015 is 70 years after 1945, and that’s when her birth certificate says she was born …


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