OUTTAKE: God Alone


“For who in the skies above can compare with the LORD?
Who is like the LORD among the heavenly beings?”


God Alone

As Baird led worship for the DeeVee’s Wednesday night service, admiration fluttered in Prissie’s heart. His lyrics made her heart clench. His vocals soared. He was so … perfect. But the moment the thought entered her mind, his guitar twanged with an off-key note.

The song didn’t cease, but Prissie’s breath caught because Baird was looking right at her. And not in that friendly glad-you’re-here way. The Worshiper seemed to be staring straight into her soul, and with such a stern expression. Shame washed over Prissie, although she wasn’t sure why. Quickly taking a seat, she stared at the floor.

“What was that?” she whispered.

After service the red-haired worship leader made his way over. “Prissie, can we talk?”

His serious expression further flustered Prissie. She blurted, “I’m sorry!”

Baird nodded, but he also asked, “Why?”

“I’m not sure, but something’s wrong. And it’s my fault.” Prissie’s fingers knotted together. “And I don’t want you to be mad at me.”

With a soft groan, Baird said, “I’m not angry. But I do want to make sure we’re on the same page in your hymnal.”

Prissie glanced around, looking for Koji or Kester. But she doubted they’d come to her rescue. They’d be on Baird’s side, and she was already embarrassed enough.

“Don’t be afraid.” Baird offered both his hand and a smile. “Just listen for a sec.”

Slipping her hand into his, Prissie held on tight.

“Good girl.” With a friendly squeeze, he said, “I’m probably the biggest burst of heaven you’ve ever seen or heard, and while that’s great, don’t doubt for one second that I’m a teensy bit of nubbins compared to God.”

“Obviously,” she mumbled.

The redhead continued, “He’s the one with all the amazingness. My songs were never meant to snatch up all the room in your heart.”

“Is that what happened?”

“Close enough to fumble my fingers.” Baird leaned in and quietly begged, “Am I making sense? Because if I flubbed up, Kester could probably say it ten times better.”

Prissie shook her head. She didn’t need anyone else knowing how foolish she’d been. “Don’t worship the Worshiper.”

“That’s the stuff.” He spread his arms wide and said, “Who in the skies above can compare with the LORD? Who is like the LORD among the heavenly beings? He is more awesome than all who surround him” (Ps.89:6–7).

The dramatic recitation coaxed a smile back onto Prissie’s face. Confrontation and correction weren’t her favorite things. But she didn’t want to lose Baird as a friend. And he didn’t want to obscure her view of the God he’d been created to praise.

“We okay?” he checked.

She sighed her way to a smile, then asked, “Nubbins?”


Look into these things …

“Even angels long to look into these things.” –1 Peter 1:12

♦ Do you ever struggle with jealousy?
♦ According to Exodus 34:14, what is one of God’s names? Does this seem to fit?
♦ How do you react to confrontation? Do you like being corrected? When does it go oh, so wrong? What can happen when it goes right?


6 thoughts on “OUTTAKE: God Alone

  1. Arian says:

    Baird’s voice is odd there. I don’t hear him as well as usual. Maybe it’s just that he’s being unaccustomedly serious; he can’t be as playful as usual when he’s talking about something so important. Maybe sounding unlike his usual self is part of the point, to impress Prissie with the gravity of the problem. Still, for what the feedback’s worth, I lost a sense of it being Baird speaking there, and his is usually one of the easiest voices to hear.


  2. Arian says:

    Re the questions:

    I do struggle with jealousy. It’s pretty much my besetting sin, and a great cause of unhappiness for me. :( Whenever one of my close friends seems to be getting on really well with a third person, I’m terrified they’ll realise that third person is a vast improvement on me, and won’t want to spend time with me any more. The fact that this is totally unfair both to my friend and to the perfectly innocent third person only makes me even less happy with myself. :P

    Exodus 34:14 says that one of God’s names is ‘Jealous’. I think this is a different sort of jealousy from the one I was just describing, more like the jealousy a wife would feel if her husband was being too romantic with another woman. Married people have promised to belong exclusively to each other as regards romantic attachment; they have a right to expect that their spouse will be faithful to their commitment. And in the same way, God has a right to the fidelity of those who have made a commitment to him; we shouldn’t ‘flirt’ with the worship of other things or people, since we belong exclusively to Him.

    I react to unexpected confrontation mainly by withdrawing from it. If I’m expecting it, I usually make a plan to stay calm and not lose my cool. I don’t like being corrected much – does anyone? – but it depends a fair bit on whether it comes out of a clear sky or not (do you get the impression I handle the unexpected badly? :P), and how it’s presented.

    It goes wrong if the one doing the correcting sounds as if they’re mainly interested in making the person they’re correcting feel bad, rather than improving the situation or helping the person. If it goes right, the person corrected can actually feel loved and strengthened by the fact that someone cared enough to catch them before they headed off down completely the wrong road.

    But that’s *really* hard to pull off. The one correcting has to do it the right way, and the one corrected needs to have ears to hear. Love helps. The more trust and closeness there is between two people, the easier it is for the corrector not to fumble the correction, and for the one corrected to listen without defensiveness.


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